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Aerodrome 1948/49 Spitfire

C208 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1948/49.

Title Aerodrome
Date 1948/49
Location Yeadon
Photo ID C208
Comment This image of a Spitfire was donated by Michael Clements. For further details see ‘Previous Comments’ at the end of this page.
Aerodrome Undated

J128 – Yeadon Aerodrome, Undated.

Yeadon Aerodrome – Undated

A group of people with an aircraft in the background, the donor of the image Howard German suggests that the aircraft is possibly an Avro York. Thomas Tyerman, father of Albert and Hannah Tyerman is 2nd from the right on the front row. Thomas, with son Albert built the private houses on 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue (Rawdon) and Hill Crescent, Albert lived at number 1 Hill Crescent and Thomas lived at number 11 Hill Crescent.

Aerodrome 1947/50

FF193 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1947/50.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1947/50

The aeroplane is a DH 86 B De Haviland Dragon Rapide. Reg No: GA DGJ. It belonged to the Lancaster Aircraft Corporation, the LAC had bought up redundant surplus military aircraft post 1945, the managing director of the company was Eric Rylands.
From February 1st 1947 they were operating scheduled services from Yeadon to the Isle of Man and Jersey, by 1950 flights were also operating to Southampton, operations ceased in 1950.

Aerodrome 1948 Crashed Spitfire

FBA291 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1948.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1948

This aircraft is a Spitfire Mark XV1, a late post-war (1939-46) model belonging to 609 Squadron.
The 2 images were donated by Michael Clements , his Grandfather Laurie Clements worked at the airport with the airport fire service.

Additional information regarding these photos would be very welcome.

Donated by Michael Clements.

Aerodrome 1948 Crashed Spitfire

FBA292 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1948.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1948

As above.

Aerodrome c1950 Aerial View

N902 – Yeadon Aerodrome, c1950.

Yeadon Aerodrome – c1950

An aerial view of the airport and surrounding area. Harrogate Road runs diagonally left to right past the old AVRO factory, the large rectangular building, the terminal is below it. Bayton lane is in the bottom left hand corner.

Courtesy of Ken Cothliff, from his book Yeadon Above and Beyond.

Aerodrome c1950s

B420 – Yeadon Aerodrome, c1950s.

Yeadon Aerodrome – c1950s

A Bi-plane at Yeadon Aerodrome, now known as Leeds Bradford Airport.

Aerodrome 1950 Control Tower

L776 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1950.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1950

At that time is was called Yeadon Aerodrome, and shows aircraft to the left.  The building with cars outside was the West Riding Aviation Centre.  The airfield was controlled from the top floor with offices on the ground floor.  Stairs on the left of the building led to the roof.  The public were allowed onto the roof to watch the aircraft.

The photograph was donated by Howard German.

Aerodrome Entrance 1953

D158 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1953.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1953

In 1953 Yeadon Aviation Ltd was formed to operate the airport and the Aero Club.
A bus is travelling away from the airport, a banner reads “Yeadon Aero Club, Yeadon Aviation Ltd, Charter Flights, Pleasure Flights”.
The aerodrome is now called Leeds Bradford International Airport.

Aerodrome 1958

D726 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1958.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1958

The Yeadon Aero Club is based adjacent to Leeds Bradford Airport, the aircraft seen here is a De Havilland Chipmunk.

Donated by Philip Walker.

Aerodrome 1958

R481 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1958.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1958

This is a De Havilland Chipmunk plane belonging to York Aero Club and seen at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Donated by Douglas Walker.

Aerodrome 1958

P307 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1958.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1958

The information on this aircraft comes to us from 3 Richard Thomas Phillips. Assembled in UK in 1958 from Belgian built components during 1950 to 1957 for OO-TIF which was not taken up. Status unknown cancelled 06-09-00 by CAA. Permit to Fly expired 23-08-88.


FBA164 – Yeadon Aerodrome, 1959.

Yeadon Aerodrome – 1959

Looking across the airfield to hangars and buildings.

Donated by Stephen Gardner.

Aerodrome Undated

Z149 – Yeadon Aerodrome, Undated.

Yeadon Aerodrome – Undated

Two ladies who were flying to Jersey in this aircraft,  Mary Watkinson is in the front seat and Emily Wood in the back.

Donated by Anne Copeland nee Watkinson.

Previous Comments:

Re C208
The information from several people given to us when the photo appeared on our facebook page is:
It is a Spitfire LF mark XVIe and that photo is either 1948 or 1949.
RAP was the squadron code for 609 squadron between 1946 and 1949.
Still further: pointy tailfin were a feature from mark VII on. Statistically, therefore, that’s probably a mark IX.
Adam Dixon Basically it is a MkIX, but with a Packard Merlin 266 making this a MkXVI. This type was operated by 609 (West Riding) Squadron and TB911 was flown by 603 and then 609 Squadrons. The code ‘RAP-F’ further identifies this a/c as a LF MkXVI e, and this type was on charge with 609 Sqn from April ’48 to February ’51. The Squadron code ‘RAP’ was allocated to 609 Sqn from May ’46 into 1949, so dating this photograph no earlier than April ’48.

If the registration No: is TB911 which it appears to be then the photo was taken in 1948. That is the year this aircraft was taken out of service..
10 June 2014.

Re FBA292
John Stubbs.
Looks like a late series LF Merlin engine Spitfire – possibly a Mark XVI with clipped wings and teardrop canopy. Post war, with no camouflage. It carries 609 (West Riding) RAuxAF PR markings and the registration looks like TE437 which was built June 1945 and allocated to 609 Sq. April 1947 at Yeadon. On the 22nd March 1948 TF437 bounced on landing and tipped over. She was finally scrapped in 1950. That looks like Whitehouse Lane and the Chevin in the background.

Re L776
Chris Youhill
Great 1950 picture Howard – hope you’re keeping OK – happy memories of Independent Coachways, London weekend trips in-Tony’s day. The Master Brewer at Hillingdon was a great place to stay and on the Saturday afternoons Peter Johnson’s “Tour of London” was always enjoyable. For health reasons he couldn’t attend one week and I had to do the commentary myself – not my scene at ll and hopefully the clients seemed happy with it. Take care, Chris.
22 January 2021.

Re FBA164
Gerald Long
The white building in the centre of the picture was the Aero Club and is where my wife and I had our wedding reception in June 1958.
During the reception. the fog came down and closed the airport and 6 of us were taken to Squires Gate Airport at Blackpool to fly us to the Isle of Man.
05 July 2018.

The hangers on the left hand side is where we stood waiting for our flight in 1966, it was November and quite chilly.
16 April 2014.

Re B420
The aircraft is a dragon rapide. I work for a company in Leeds that have just been helping to restore one. Our company Newtonderbu in Pusey, supplied the small wind driven generators that can be seen suspended below the top wing. During the war. Almost all ailed aircraft were fitted with these generators. Many Made under licence in the USA.
02 October 2013.

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