Aireborough Historical Society – 1957 to Present (04)

AHS Events 1981
Title Aireborough Historical Society (AHS) Events
Date 1981
Location Easby Abbey
Photo ID W376
Comment An AHS visit to Easby Abbey on the banks of the River Swale near Richmond.
AHS Events 1982

W321 – AHS, Events, 1982.

Hull – 1982

Members had a visit to the Humber Bridge which had opened the previous year on June 24th 1981. A single span suspension bridge 7,280ft long.

AHS Events 1982

W413 – AHS, Events, 1982.

North Yorkshire Moor – 1982

Members resting whilst walking on the moor.

AHS Events 1982

W491 – AHS, Events, 1982.

Whitby – 1982

AHS visit to Whitby including the Church of St. Mary on the east cliff next to the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

AHS Events 1982

W479 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Aire & Calder Navigation Canal – 1987

An AHS walk along the canal towpath between Wakefield and Barnsley.

AHS Events 1987

Y50 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Norwich – 1987

Some of the AHS members visited Norwich and the surrounding area.

AHS Events 1987

Y51 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Norwich – 1987

Enjoying the view.

AHS Events 1987

Y53 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Norwich – 1987

Time for a photo whilst visiting Norwich and the surrounding area.

AHS Events 1987

Y54 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Sandringham Castle visit – 1987

Members entering the castle for a tour.

AHS Events 1987

Y55 – AHS, Events, 1987.

Sandringham Castle visit – 1987

AHS Events 1988

M033 – AHS, Events, 1988.

AHS Excursion Northumberland – 1988

The visit was a weekend trip to Northumberland area, an Ex President of AHS Barry Baxter took this photo of left to right Jack Archdale, Joan Witham, Jean Sheard, Ken Schofield, Jessie Jordan(nee Lucas) and Jessie Sunderland.

AHS Events 1991

A827 – AHS, Events, 1991.

Hampshire – 1991

It is thought the location may have been Bambridge. Jessie Jordan and Jack Archdale enjoying the trip.

Donated by Philip Archdale.

AHS Events 1992

T46A – AHS, Events, 1992.

Scotland – 1992

AHS trip to Irvine in Scotland. On the reverse of the photo it reads-

“A reminder of a wonderful weekend at Irvine in May 1992 with the Museum Society. Our 56th wedding anniversary was also at this time, so many thanks to you all for making it such a happy and memorable occasion. Lillie and Arthur Dearing”. 

AHS Events

N496 – AHS, Events, 1994.

Shropshire – 1994

Members enjoying refreshments during the AHS annual holiday to Shropshire.

AHS Events 1994

R358 – AHS, Events, 1994.

Venue unknown – 1994

Members posing for a group photo, on one of the many excursions enjoyed by the Society.

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