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AHS Events 2001/2002
Title Aireborough Historical Society (AHS) Events
Date 2001/2002
Location Upper Nidderdale
Photo ID W446
Comment A visit to Scar House reservoir. Standing on a sheep bridge is a lady called Shirley.
AHS Events 2001/2002

W284 – AHS, Events, 2001/2002.

Upper Nidderdale – 2001/2002

Group photo at Scar House reservoir, the lady 3rd in from the right is Audrey Speight.

AHS Events Undated

W454 – AHS, Events, Undated.

Scotland – Undated

Group photo:  1st row of standing members in the centre is Margaret Hardisty wearing a blue checked skirt. On the right in a pink top is Jessie Jordan. Front row of seated member 4th from the right is Audrey Speight.

AHS Events Undated

W463 – AHS, Events, Undated.

Melrose, Scotland – Undated

A visit to Harmony House & gardens near Melrose, members of the society standing in a swathe of tulips & daffodils.

AHS Events 2001/2002

W273 – AHS, Events, 2001/2002.

Bolton Abbey – 2001/2002

Fred and Roger on the stepping stones across the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey.

AHS Events 2001

W285 – AHS, Events, 2001.

Excursion Yorkshire Dales – 2001

AHS Events 2001

W359 – AHS, Events, 2001.

Ampleforth College – 2001

Joan Everson President of AHS thanking Brother Paul for showing the society members around the  college. 

AHS Events 2001

W363 – AHS, Events, 2001.

Kelso – 2001

Members take a rest whilst on an AHS trip, two of the members are Mary and Bill Rushworth.

AHS Events Undated

W365 – AHS, Events, Undated.

Kevin Jackson – Undated

Kevin Jackson was the coach driver on all the AHS excursions, up until his retirement in 2018.

AHS Events 2001

W419 – AHS, Events, 2001.

AHS Afternoon Tea – 2001

Members enjoying afternoon trip (venue unknown)  Ahs excursions often called at The Bell Hotel for afternoon tea  maybe ?? on their way to one of the many AHS trips.

AHS Events 2001

W481 – AHS, Events, 2001.

Otley Chevin – 2001

AHS walk on Otley Chevin, 2nd in from the right is Linda Gardner.

AHS Events 2002

N356 – AHS, Events, 2002.

Nidderdale – 2002

AHS members enjoying refreshments in front are the late David Wilcock and his wife. The lady on the right in profile and wearing red is Audrey Speight.

AHS Events 2002

N357 – AHS, Events, 2002.

Nidderdale – 2002

Walking in Nidderdale, David Wilcock is 2nd in on the left and Vera Firth is at the front on the left.

AHS Events 2002

N358 – AHS, Events, 2002.

Nidderdale – 2002

Full group photo in Nidderdale 3rd lady in on the right in a white jacket is Audrey Speight.

AHS Events 2002

N359 – AHS, Events, 2002.

Nidderdale – 2002

The walkers have a stop outside the Sun Inn at Norwood.

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