Albert Square

Albert Square 1890
Title Albert Square
Date 1890
Location Yeadon
Photo ID SL017
Comment The view looks from Albert Square up Cemetery Road. On the left is an off-licence shop, the name Arundale is above the window. This shop is reputed to have been built with stone taken from the demolished Pick and Hammer Inn at Carlton. It was closed in 1882 and pulled down the following year. On the right side of Cemetery Road is the Waterside Mill, the New Inn and Penny’s Refreshment Rooms, taken onto a glass slide by E. E. Slater and has been digitally transferred by John Hobson.

Albert Square was also the venue of the annual Feast week. To see the Feast/Fairground, please – Click Here.

Albert Square (Penny Fool Hill) was further associated with the Ling Bob Witch c1785. To see the Ling Bob Witch, please – Click Here.

Albert Square 1907

A473 – Albert Square, 1907.

Albert Square – 1907

On the left is a shop (now an off-licence). The mill chimney and building are part of the Crompton Mill, built in 1869 by the Crompton Mill Company, this is on Cemetery Road.

On the right edge is the Albert Inn, the street just to the right of the Albert is Club Row. Around the time this photo was taken the landlord of the Albert was Joe Slater.

Albert Square Undated

D106 – Albert Square, Undated.

Albert Square – Undated

Looking across from the High Street to Albert Square, the shop at the corner with Cemetery Road and the houses to the left are on Albert Square. At the right edge is the Albert Inn.

Albert Square Undated

D723 – Albert Square, Undated.

Albert Square – Undated

An outstanding rare view of Albert Square when the weekly market was located there, stalls selling fruit, vegetables and other commodities.

Donated by Andrew Emsley.

Albert Square Undated

D105 – Albert Square, Undated.

Albert Square – Undated

On the left, the house and shop are on Albert Square. Cemetery Road is next right, the large building with the chimney was the Crompton weaving mill.

The public house with the “Magnet” sign (John Smith’s Brewery) is the New Inn, the Albert Inn is on the right at the corner with the High Street.

A public telephone box is in the middle of the view, this type of kiosk was introduced in the early 1920s before the familiar red painted iron boxes.

Albert Square was once the venue for Yeadon Feast and the market.

Albert Square 1956

G085 – Albert Square, 1956.

Albert Square – 1956

This and the following photograph shows Albert Square 21 years apart.

Albert Square before the roundabout was constructed, the building towards the left was a public lavatory. Cemetery Road is in the centre, Crompton Mill can be seen in the background to the right. The car is parked in front of the New Inn, the Albert Inn is on the right edge.

Albert Square 1977

A482 – Albert Square, 1977.

Albert Square – 1977

This and the previous photograph shows Albert Square 21 years apart.

On the left is the gable end of a bungalow, a number of these retired persons homes are on Albert Square. The dark stone building across the centre of the view is called Ingots Building, it was part of Waterside Mill and is now offices for Headrow Housing.

Moving right cars are parked on the forecourt of M & D Motors, this used to be Rhodes Garage.

Next the New Inn, then addressed as 1 Club Row is Gulshan Tandoori Restaurant and Takeaway. Club Row is between Gulshan and the Albert Inn which is on the right edge. The hanging sign has a portrait of Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria.

Albert Square 1983

FB157 – Albert Square, 1983.

Albert Square – 1983

On the left is an off-license shop at the junction of Cemetery Road and Albert Square. Next, on Cemetery Road, is Rhodes Garage then the New Inn followed by what in recent times has been a take-away food outlet (May 2013).
The Albert Inn is at the corner with the High Street. Several cars are parked in a lay by outside a sweet shop called the “Wooden Hut”, boards on the pavement have been put out to advertise goods sold in the shop. This is now also a take-away food business (May 2013).

Albert Square 2012

T481 – Albert Square, 2012.

Albert Square – 2012

Looking across from the junction with Harper Lane, to the left is Cemetery Road. The Albert Inn stands at the corner of cemetery Road and the High Street.

Photographer Carlo Harrison.

Albert Square 2013

JA032 – Albert Square, 2013.

Albert Square – 2013

Looking across to Albert Square, on the left is a roundabout.
There are a number of bungalows for the elderly on the square, no longer a square but the name is retained.

Albert Square 2013

JA037 – Albert Square, 2013.

Albert Square – 2013

This view looks from the top of Harper Lane to the Albert Square roundabout, behind which are bungalows for the elderly.
On the right is Cemetery Road.

Albert Square 2013

JA030 – Albert Square, 2013.

Albert Square – 2013

On the left of Cemetery Road is an off-licence shop.
To the right the apex roof of M & D Motors at Lakeside Garage can be seen, then the New Inn public house, next, Family Fortunes takeaway food outlet which is at the end of Club Row.
On the right edge is a partial view of the Albert Inn.
Donated by John Arundel.

Editor’s Note: Albert Square is the gateway to Cemetery Road and to see more photographs of this area – Click Here.

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