Banksfield Mill 1869 – 1999

Banksfield Mill 1999

Title Banksfield Mill (Dyeworks)
Date 1999
Location Yeadon
Photo ID Y12
Comment Scott and Rhodes owned the dyeworks, most of the employees finished working there in December 1998, the factory closed in January 1999. A housing estate is now on the site (April 2013).
Banksfield Mill Undated

M745 – Banksfield Mill – Undated.

Scott and Rhodes – Undated

An undated photograph of the entrance to Scott & Rhodes, Banksfield Dyeworks, Yeadon.  The works were demolished in 2003 and the Millbank estate built on the site. 

Banksfield Mill 2003

H280 – Banksfield Mill, 2003.

Scott and Rhodes – 2003

Demolition of Banksfield Mill Chimney seen from Otley Lane.

Photographer S A Holdsworth.

Banksfield Mill 2003

Scott and Rhodes – 2003

As above.

H281 – Banksfield Mill, 2003.

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