Benton Park School (1)

Benton Park 1875

B378 – Benton Park School, 1875.

Title Benton Park School (1)
Date 1875
Location Rawdon
Photo ID B378
Comment Advertisement for Benton Park School with line drawing of the building.

The school was begun by Joseph Riley in 1838, by 1851 he had 33 boys in residence. His son John was also a teacher there.

The card must have been printed after 1844, in the background on the right of the illustration the tower of St Johns Church, Henshaw can be seen, it was built in 1844.
In the 1860s it was bought by the Milligan family for use as a private home and was not used as an educational establishment until Littlemoor School utilised the premises as a senior department until 1957 when the building was demolished.

The present Benton Park School was erected on the site, opening in 1960.

Benton Park 1920

D157 – Benton Park House, 1920.

Benton Park House – 1920

The estate belonged to Benjamin Hird in the late 18th Century.
By 1838, the house was used as a boys boarding school by Joseph Riley and his son John.
Harrison Milligan was in residence in 1861, his widow was still living there in 1915. Rawdon Littlemoor School utilized the building as a senior department between 1951-1957.
The house was demolished and the present Benton Park School built on the site, opening in 1960.

Benton Park 1930s

V47 – Benton Park, 1930s.

Benton Park School – 1930s

Benton Park grounds with Benton Park House seen through the trees.

Benton Park 1947

FBA073 – Benton Park School, 1947.

Benton Park School – 1947.

A view of the old Benton Park School, once a private house, it was demolished and the present school built which opened in 1960.
Donated by David Teale.

Benton Park 1950s

FB193 – Benton Park School, 1950s.

Benton Park School – 1950s.

On the back row from left to right are:
Trevor Hardaker, Malcolm Booth, Hugh Collard, Derrick Lee, Gordon Farrar, Walter Gill, John England, Allan Poucher, Robert Ball.

3rd row left to right:
June Harling, Barbara Fosse, Barbara Stead, Rose Cowley, Diane Carlisle, Kathleen Wood, Judith Mitchell, Marjorie Summers, Jennifer Wheatley, Irene Longley.

2nd row left to right: Joan Illingworth, Linda Bullock, Christine Allerton, Judith Middleton, Barbara Carlisle, Mavis Walker, Jennifer Wheatley, (Again?) Lester Hay, Joan Yeadon.

Front left to right: Brian Pickles, Reggie Bolton, Peter Coultas, John Luty.

Donated by Angela Clark.

Benton Park 1952/53

FB169 – Benton Park School, 1952/53.

Benton Park School – 1952/53.

A sports day at the school, at that time the school was still housed in the old Benton House, the existing school opened in 1960.
The view is looking across to Harrogate Road.

The lady 2nd from the right is Mrs Ingleson, who lived on Markam Avenue in the 1950s and the lady seated at the end of the table is Winnie Luty, friend and neighbour of Mrs Ingleson.

Donated by Vicky Molloy.

Benton Park 1957

S114 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1957.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1957.

A school class outside Benton Park House which was used for senior pupils.
The old house was demolished and the present Benton Park School built on the site, it opened in 1960.

Donated by Stephanie May.

Benton Park 1959

T118 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1959.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1959.

The donor Stephanie May noted that they were all aged 14 and were having lessons at Littlemoor school while the new Benton Park school was being built.

Front row from left to right: (?) Brian Coultas, (?) (?) John Wilson, Richard Hayes.

Second row from left to right: (?) Pauline Barnes, Sandra Middlemass, Avril ?, Miss Wilkinson, Stephanie May, Gillian Oliver, Joyce Beswick, Anne Craven.

Third row from left to right: Hilary ?, Jacqueline Lee, Sandra Fowler, Jean Hearne, Susan Bradley, Jean Rollinson, Leslie Frayne, Eileen Shannon, (?).

Fourth row from left to right: Vaughn Wilson, Michael Lawson, Selwyn Lloyd, David ?, Alan Davies, Malcolm Pullan, David Hardwick, David Rigg, John Payne.

Benton Park Tie 1960

Y320 – Benton Park School Tie, 1960.

Benton Park School Tie – 1960.

Tie donated by Carlo Harrison, part of the uniform for the first intake of the new school.

Benton Park 1960s

G160 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1960s.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1960s.

A school fashion show, girls are modelling clothes possibly made in school. The young lady on the right is Joan Higgins.

Benton Park 1960s

N404 – Benton Park School, 1960s.

Benton Park School – 1960s.

This is the main entrance to the school on Harrogate Road, the school caretakers house is to the left just out of view.

Benton Park 1960s

F529 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1960s.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1960s.

A school class photo with Mr Cyril Elliot who was appointed in 1959 as the first Headmaster of the new school.
Pupils were admitted from September 1960, Mr Elliot remained as Headmaster until he retired in 1975.

Donated by Allan Clifford.

Benton Park 1961/62

FB434 – Benton Park School Football Team, 1961/62.

Benton Park School Football Team- 1961/62.

Top: Under 15s team, some of the boys have been named:
Back row left to right: Charles Emsley, ? Tony Malinson, ? Bob Stokes, Martin Girt, Barry Vine.

3rd row left to right: ? ? ? Alex Stokes, Pete Myers, Howard German , ?

2nd row left to right: Guy Barie, Andy Myers, ? ? ? ? ?

Front row left to right: ? David Gibson, ? ,Lee Womersley, ? ? ? ?

Sat in front on the left is Brian Hudson, the boy on the right is unnamed.

Benton Park 1961/62

FB435 – Benton Park School Football Team, 1961/62.

Benton Park School Football Team – 1961/62.

Under 15s football team, most of the boys have been named:

Back row left to right: Martin Girt, Howard German, ? Sam Gamble, Barry Vine.

Middle row left to right: Alex Stokes, Charles Emsley, David Gibson, Andy Myers, Guy Barie,

Front left to right: Mr Danson (P E Teacher), Lee Womersley, Mr Elliot (Headmaster), Brian Hudson ?

Benton Park 1962

L044 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1962.

Benton Park School Pupils- 1962.

On the back row from left to right are :
Rodney ?, Gordon Ingham, Howard German, Tony Howell, Philip Jennings, ? ?

Middle row left to right: Graham Palmer, ? ? Keith Pearson, Ross Thorpe, Carlo Harrison, Jeff Reynard, ? ? David ?, Raymond Rundell, ?

Front left to right : Wendy Cookson, Sarah Alderman, Hazel Clark, Pat Elliot, Kathleen Harrison, John Shaw, Gillian Sykes, Susan Hudson, Maxine Palmer, Barbara Wilkes, Janet Bryan, Ann or Lynne Gooder.

Benton Park 1963

FB199 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1963.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1963.

A fashion parade to display clothes made in needlework classes.
At the back, 5th from the left is Susan Wild (nee Todd).

Donated by Susan Wild (nee Todd)

Benton Park 1966

G145 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1966.

Benton Park School Pupils- 1966.

Benton Park hikers, dressed in what were then fashionable anoraks and ski pants.

Some names, not in order: Paul MacCauley, Judith Craven, Christine Morris, Christine Gill, Pam Wood.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

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Re D157
My Wife and I and my Father -in -law did a course in Geology in this house in the mid fifties.
21 May 2013.

These are the fields of Benton Park grounds where now there is an estate of houses and bungalows. It is looking down towards the rear of what was Benton Park Chapel and is now Trinity Church. The house on the right is now no longer standing.
16 December 2013.

Peter Haddington
I attended Benton Park between 1966-1970. I always found almost all of the teachers to be of the highest calibre both at their teaching skills and as people Mr Elliot was the Headteacher back then and was a true gentleman. I was also lucky to be in a class where the pupils were good and mainly friendly and have drifted down memory lane several times with other people who attended at the same or similar time as myself.
05 April 2020

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