Benton Park School (2)

Benton Park 1968

FBA112 – Benton Park School Football Team, 1968.

Title Benton Park School (2)
Date 1968/69
Location Rawdon
Photo ID FBA112
Comment Benton Park School Football Team 1968/69

Back row left to right:
? Phil Howell, Tom Roberts, Martin Little, Fred Davey, Tony Dunn, ?

Front row left to right :
Robert Taylor, Steven Drake, Michael Paget, Robin Carter, John Kilburn, Andrew Cockings.

Benton Park 1968/69

G188 – Benton Park School, Gala Day, 1968.

Benton Park School Gala Day – 1968.

June 1968. Gala Day, a crowd have gathered round the coconut shy.

Benton Park 1968

J407 – Benton Park School Pupils, 1968.

Benton Park School Pupils – 1968.

Photo taken on Speech Day, presumably these pupils were awarded prizes.

Benton Park Summer Fair 1969

G172 – Benton Park School, Summer Fair, 1969.

Benton Park School Summer Fair- 1969.

The opening of the Summer Fair, the man signing autographs was possibly a TV personality.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Benton Park 2014

L170 – Benton Park School , 2014.

Benton Park School – 2014.

The school is viewed looking through trees on Rufford Drive.

Photographer John Arundel.

Benton Park 2018

L848 – Benton Park School, 2018.

Benton Park School,- 2018.

The school on Harrogate Road caters for pupils aged 11 – 18 years. It opened in 1960, built in the grounds of Benton Park House, where classes had previously been held for older children from Rawdon Littlemoor School.

Photographer Carlo Harrison.

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