Bowls Match 1969

Bowls Match 1969
Title Bowls Match
Date 1969
Location Rawdon
Photo ID J404
Comment A bowls match between Aireborough and Otley teams, possibly the teams were comprised of Council members and officials. The location of the green is unknown, suggestions include Rawdon, Menston or Burley.

J427 – Bowls Match, 1969.

Bowls Match – 1969

A bowls match between Aireborough UDC and Horsforth UDC, the location is thought to be Rawdon, Micklefield Park.

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Rachel O’Connor
Along with Councillor Jack Simpson on the right and his wife Mary from Otley, second left the other couple look like Councillor FG Allerton and his wife of Aireborough as seen in another photo you posted, they are wearing the same clothes!

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