Brookfield House

Brookfield House 2014
Title Brookfield House
Date 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID I375
Comment This house is situated next to Kirk Lane allotments. It was once planned to demolish the house and build a small estate on the site, it was also once a home for the elderly. Photographer Edwy Harling.
Brookfield House 2014

T472 – Brookfield House, 2014.

Brookfield House – 2014

14th February 2014: Brookfield House is located on “Boggart Lane” off Swaine Hill Crescent, adjacent to Kirk Lane Allotments. A ‘boggart’ is said to be an impish or mischievous spirit inhabiting woodland, marshy or boggy places. This superstition is mainly confined to northern England, particularly Lancashire and Yorkshire although place names with Boggard, Boggart, Bog etc, occur throughout the country. A boggard catcher was once employed by Yeadon to deter these entities from disturbing the good townspeople in the night!

Donated by Phil Walker.

Brookfield House 2014

T473 – Brookfield House, 2014.

Brookfield House – 2014

The entrance gates to Brookfield House.

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