Calverley, Sir Walter, Portrait – c1600s

Sir Walter Calverley c1600s

Title Sir Walter Calverley
Date Undated
Location Esholt
Photo ID I263
Comment Sir Walter Calverley, was the son of Walter Calverley (1st) and Frances Thompson of Esholt Hall. Their child Walter was born in a house on the site of the present Hall on January 15th 1669. He attended Queens College Oxford and inherited the Esholt estate in 1691 on the death of his father. Very soon work began to build the present Esholt Hall on the same site as the older house, around this time he went to Newcastle and married Lady Julia Blackett on February 17th 1707, she was aged 19 and Walter 38. Their marriage was celebrated when they returned to the newly built Esholt Hall in the September of 1707. Sir Walter Calverley Blackett was born 10 months after the wedding, his father recorded the event: “18th December 1707. It pleased God to give my wife safe delivery of a boy about 10 o’clock in the forenoon of this day at Esholt”. Sir Walter spent freely and borrowed money to expand his property holdings, he died in 1749.
Sir Walter Calverley c1600s

I264 – Sir Walter Calverley, Undated.

Sir Walter Calverley – Undated

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Sir Walter Caverley-Blackett Undated

I265 – Sir Walter Calverley Blackett, Undated.

Sir Walter Calverley Blackett – Undated

Sir Walter Calverley Blackett, was born on December 18th 1707, the son of Sir Walter Calverley and Lady Julia Calverley.
In 1729 he made a controversial marriage to Elizabeth Ord who was the illegitimate daughter of his uncle, Sir William Blackett (his mother’s brother).
This was not a happy choice from his parent’s point of view, Sir William had been involved with Jacobite sympathisers, a connection which cost Sir Walter Calverley his position as Lord Lieutenant of the County, he was not reinstated into the position for 14 years.
Sir William had no legitimate heirs and promised young Sir Walter that he would inherit the family estates including Wallington Hall if he married Elizabeth Ord and added Blackett to his surname.
The couple spent most of their time at Wallington Hall, Esholt, being regarded as a minor second home.
Their only child was a daughter Elizabeth who died aged 17.
In 1755 the Esholt estate was sold to Robert Stansfield.
Sir Walter died in 1777 aged 70, the Wallington estate was inherited by John Trevelyan, the son of Sir Walter Calverley Blackett’s sister, Julia.

Lady Julia Caverley Undated

I222 – Lady Julia Calverley, Undated.

Lady Julia Calverley – Undated

These images were in an album bought in Scarborough in 1862 by a member of the Crompton Stansfield family for 24 shillings.
The album contained some unidentified portraits of family members or friends but these two are of Lady Julia Calverley. (nee Blackett)
Julia Blackett was born in 1688, the eldest daughter of Sir William Blackett of Newcastle, family seat Wallington Hall.
In 1707 she married Sir Walter Calverley Lord of the Manor of Yeadon 1691 – 1749.
They resided at Esholt Hall, she was an acclaimed needlewoman and tapestries she worked can still be seen at Wallington Hall which is now a National Trust property.
The couple had one son, Sir Walter Calverley Blackett who inherited the Esholt estate.

Lady Julia Caverley Undated

I223 – Lady Julia Calverley, Undated.

Lady Julia Calverley – Undated

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