Carnivals – 1900 – 1976 (1)

Carnivals Ivegate c1900
Title Carnivals
Date c1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID S149
Comment Scene on Ivegate looking towards the High Street on the right, crowds are watching the carnival procession pass by. Donated by Philip Dobbins.
Carnivals c1900

D174 – Carnivals, c1900.

Carnivals -c1900

Two ladies stand with an exhibit which won 2nd prize in the carnival.
A sign announces “Boston Cream Sold Here”, the window on the left appears to have a woman with a tray of glasses standing in it.

Carnivals c1900

D175 – Carnivals, c1900.

Carnivals -c1900

Children and ladies with an entry in the carnival which won 2nd prize.
It appears to be a café or shop, signs on the wall state “Boston Cream Sold Here” and “New Business Started Here” .

Carnivals Gill Lane 1900

S155 – Carnivals, 1900.

Carnivals – 1900

Three early scenes of a carnival passing along Gill Lane.
On the left can be seen shop windows which still remain and are now the business of J B Meays butchers.
The Woolpack Inn is unseen but is on the right.

Donated by Philip Dobbins.

Carnivals Gill Lane 1900

S156 – Carnivals, 1900.

Carnivals – 1900

As above.

Carnivals Gill Lane 1900

S157 – Carnivals, 1900.

Carnivals – 1900

As above.

Carnivals Co-op Floats c1907

B147 – Carnivals, c1907.

Carnivals – c1907

Rawdon Industrial Cooperative Society grocery department float which took part in Yeadon Carnival.
The location is a field off Green Lane which belonged to the Coop, in the background are fields which were part of the Benton Park estate.
The horseman is Matt Myers, the float is decorated with tins of biscuits, tea, cocoa and advertisements for jam.
There is also a poster featuring a sheaf of corn with the slogan “Labor and Wait”.
The Wheatsheaf was the title of a national monthly magazine produced by the Coop between 1896-1964, “Wheatsheaf” was also used as a brand name for various Coop own products.

Carnivals Co-op Floats c1907

B148 – Carnivals, c1907.

Carnivals – c1907

Another float for Yeadon Carnival entered by Rawdon Industrial Cooperative Society.
There is a display of household cleaning products on the float, the horseman is Ralph Jowett.
The location is a field off Green Lane which was owned by the Coop, in the background are fields which were part of the Benton Park estate.

Carnivals Co-op Floats c1907

B149 – Carnivals, c1907.

Carnivals – c1907

A float entered in the Yeadon Carnival parade by Rawdon Industrial Cooperative Society furniture and hardware department.
The cart has an advertisement for the Cooperative Wholesale Society (CWS) ironworks at Keighley.
The CWS produced goods for all the cooperative stores nationwide from different locations eg biscuits were produced at the Manchester Crumpsall works which opened in 1873.

The movement began in Rochdale on 21st December 1844 when the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society opened a small store in Toad Lane, Rochdale to sell wholesome food at fair prices.
The Cooperative Societies grew from this, within a few years most areas had a coop store, customers joined as they were rewarded with a profit share or dividend.
Each customer had a unique number which was recorded each time they made a purchase, their twice yearly dividend would vary depending on the amount they had spent and the rate of the dividend.

The cart has a display of rugs, wringing machines and other household items.
The horseman is Bob Braithwaite.

Carnival Float 1907 Rechabites

R147 – Carnivals, 1907.

Carnivals – 1907

Carnival float, possibly staged by a religious group or a mutual benefit society e.g. Rechabites.

Carnivals High Street 1910

C207 – Carnivals, 1910.

Carnivals – 1910

A superb view of the carnival procession on the High Street led by characters in fancy dress.

Original image on a glass slide taken by E E Slater, digitally transferred by John Hobson.

Carnivals High Street 1913

FB033 – Carnivals, 1913.

Carnivals – 1913

The carnival procession is on the High Street, approaching Town Hall Square.

On the right the low building was used as stables for Midgley’s horses. They ran a carrier service in the locality.

Donated by Dennis Court.

Carnivals Co-op Float 1914

B158 – Carnivals, 1914.

Carnivals – 1914

A Vulcan lorry registration number NW 381 is decorated for Yeadon Carnival, entered by the butchery department of Rawdon Industrial Cooperative Society.
The driver was Willie Akers and the butcher was Willie Wood but these men have not been precisely placed for identification.
The location is a field off Green Lane which belonged to the Co-op, in the background is part of the Benton Park estate. Two men stand with a cow on the left, the lorry has been decorated with flags and horns are attached to the cab.
The back of the lorry has more cows on board with 3 more men standing by.

Carnivals High Street 1920s

DD018 – Carnivals, 1920s.

Carnivals – 1920s

A float on the High Street, “Old London Street” is on the side of the wagon, the girls are presumably dressed as street vendors.
H & S Stott’s shop is behind the float.

Carnivals 10 Wise Virgins 1920s

N71 – Carnivals, 1920s.

Carnivals – 1920s

A cart decorated for the Carnival which belonged to Lee & Lupton Builders.
The theme for the tableau was the parable of the 10 Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Carnivals 10 Wise Virgins 1920s

N72 – Carnivals, 1920s.

Carnivals – 1920s

Standing on a cart belonging to Lee & Lupton Builders are 5 girls.
They were taking part in a tableau which depicted the parable of the 10 Wise and Foolish Virgins or bridesmaids.
The 10 girls were invited to a wedding, the wise 5 had a good supply of oil in their lamps, the 5 foolish did not.
The bridegroom arrived after dark when the 5 wise girls were able to light his way. It is thought to warn that preparation is needed to enter Heaven.

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