Chapel Lane and Church Lane

Chapel Lane
Title Chapel Lane and Church Lane
Date Undated
Location Esholt
Photo ID FB025
Comment View along Chapel Lane to the junction with Main Street. The building in the middle is the Commercial Inn, later renamed the ‘Woolpack’ after being used as a location for the Yorkshire Television programme ‘Emmerdale’. Donated by Denis Court.

Additional information by Jean Dean:
The house near the horse and cart was at the end of the farm lane to the left, attached to that was a single storey building which had been a blacksmiths shop. Yorkshire Television used it as the Vets surgery for the programme, now it is part of the house.
The farm is now an attraction for visitors, especially children.
(April 2013).

Chapel & Church Lane

K100 – Church Lane and Chapel Lane, 2014.

Church Lane and Chapel Lane – 2014

The junction of two roads, Church Lane is to the left, Chapel Lane on the right.
Photographer John Arundel.

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