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Motor Bus Trip 1906
Title Motor Bus Trip
Date 1906
Location Yeadon
Photo ID A203
Comment 8th May 1906: This scene is on Yeadon High Street, a crowd has gathered to see this new wonder! The Urban District Council hired the motor bus on a 4 day trial, it was owned by the Cowling firm of Laycock & Stevenson. It had a 28hp engine and seated 38 passengers, reputedly 50 people managed to squeeze on for one trip. It was illuminated by acetylene lamps, the registration number was AK 343. Property on the left is at the junction of the Steep and Silver Lane. The shop with the sign above was owned by Robert Howard, a paper merchant. The shop sold paper goods and stockings, Robert was the father of comedian Sydney Howard.
Queen Street Choir Outing 1915

I068 – Queen Street Choir Outing, 1915.

Queen Street Choir Outing – 1915

The Green: Queen Street Chapel Choir are in the charabanc on the Green.
In the background is the bottom of the Steep (Town Street), note the movement of people, men walking up the steep.
You can see how in 1915, The Green in Yeadon was a centre for meeting, shopping, drinking etc before things moved up the Steep into the Yeadon High Street we all now know.

Liberal Club Trips 1920s

I133 – Liberal Club Trip, 1920s.

Liberal Club Trip – 1920s

An outing for Yeadon Liberals, seen posing by the side of their bus.

Isacc Croft Charabanc Trip 1920

A262 – Isaac Croft, Charabanc Trip, 1920.

Isaac Croft Charabanc Trip – 1920

This is one of Isaac Crofts vehicles, it was used as a haulage lorry during the week, the body could be lifted off and it converted to a charabanc.

A speed restriction is marked on the chassis 12 mph! The charabanc is full of passengers, Isaac Croft is on the back row in the right corner wearing a flat cap.

St. Andrew's Church Trip 1921

E508 – St. Andrew’s Church Trip 1921.

St. Andrew’s Church Trip – 1921

The following two images of two charabancs transporting members of the choir and families on a trip to Scarborough.

St. Andrew's Church Trip 1921

E509 – St. Andrew’s Church Trip 1921.

St. Andrew’s Church Trip – 1921

As above.

Chapel Hill Choir Trip 1923

K086 – Chapel Hill Choir, 1923.

Chapel Hill Choir – 1923

16th July 1923 – Charabanc trip for the choir of the Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, all the ladies are wearing the then fashionable cloche hats. The charabanc body was removable, it could be replaced by the body of a lorry, the 12mph sign seen on the charabanc could refer to it’s alternative use as a truck.

Donated by Edith & Roger Pratt.

St. Andrew's Church Trip to Ediburgh 1926

E555 – St. Andrew’s Church Trip 1926.

St. Andrew’s Church Trip – 1926

Travelling in two charabancs, the destination was Edinburgh.

The photo was taken on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

Albert inn Annual Summer Outing c1930s

P059 – Albert Inn, Annual Summer Outing, c1930s.

Albert Inn – Annual Summer Outing – c1930s

This photograph was in our achieves as an unidentified photo, however Grahame Coulson has identified the image and made these comments for us. ‘Annual summer Saturday trip from Albert Pub Yeadon to Blackpool. Those were the days.’

St. Andrew's Church Trip Whitley Bay 1930

E514 – St. Andrew’s Church Trip 1930.

St. Andrew’s Church Trip – 1930

Early 1930s – ¬†Choir boys and their relatives enjoying a social or an outing, the location was unknown, however, checks via the internet reveal the nearest ‘Rex Ballroom’ was at Whitley Bay, North East Coast. Ed: JB. 04 Feb 22.

Granges Coach Trip c1930

M006 – Granges Coaches Trip, c1930.

Granges Coach Trip – c1930

Outing in a Granges coach, Scarborough is thought to be the destination, however, the above right says ‘Lindisfarne’.
Mr and Mrs Grange are in the coach.

Trip to Scotland 1937

B405 – Trip to Scotland, 1937.

Yeadon People Coach Trip to Scotland – 1937

A party of Yeadon people on a coach tour of Scotland.

Trip to Cornwall Undated

M138 – Trip to Cornwall, c1930s.

Yeadon People on Cornwall Holiday – c1930s

A group of Yeadon people outside the Lands End Hotel, Cornwall.

Trip to Staffordshire Undated

B406 – Coach Trip, Undated.

Yeadon Coach Trip – Undated

A group of people on a trip from Yeadon stand next to the coach.
The Darlaston Inn is in the village of Stone, Staffordshire.

Aireborough Council Trip Undated

K168 – Aireborough Council Trip, Undated.

Aireborough Council Trip – Undated

Aireborough Council employees ready for their annual day trip.

Aireborough Council Trip Undated

D729 – Aireborough Council Trip, Undated.

Aireborough Council Trip – Undated

Five men enjoying a day out.

Donated by Alan Pickles.

Blackpool Outing Undated

A493 – Blackpool Outing, Undated.

Blackpool Outing – Undated

Five young men from Yeadon on an outing to Blackpool, on the left are thought to be Herman Croft and Frank Crawford.

Coach Outing 1950s

M181 – Coach Outing, 1950s.

Coach Outing – 1950s

A party of men outside the New Inn on Cemetery Road ready to board their coach for an outing.

Coach Outing 1950s

M182 – Coach Outing, 1950s.

Coach Outing – 1950s

A large group of men about to set off on a coach outing.
They are outside the New Inn on Cemetery Road.

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