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Methodist Outing Undated
Title Methodist Outing
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID R101
Comment A large group of ladies from the Primitive Methodist Chapel about to go on a coach outing. Possibly late 1950s early 1960s?
Queen Street Trip 1950s

B351 – Queen Street Coach Trip, 1950s.

Queen Street Coach Trip – 1950s

The members of Queen Street Methodist Chapel (St. Marks) Choir posing by 2 coaches ready for a trip.

Old Folks Trip 1950

J247 – Old Folks Trip, 1950s.

Old Folks Trip – 1950s

A group of local ladies enjoying a day at the sea-side.

Donated by Christine Wilson.

Coach Party Undated

A990 – Coach Party, Undated.

Coach Party – Undated

People settled in their seats ready for an outing. This photo was donated by Carlo Harrison, it was in an old family album given to him by his aunts Kathleen and Olive Harrison.

Oddfellows Arms Trip Undated

D445 – Oddfellows Arms Trip, Undated.

Oddfellows Arms Trip – Undated

A group of happy patrons of the Oddfellows Inn on a trip.

Oddfellows Arms Trip Undated

D414 – Oddfellows Arms Trip, Undated.

Oddfellows Arms Trip – Undated

Group of men enjoying their day out, on the right of the back row is Eric Metcalf.

Ledgards Bus Trip 1950s/60s

P309 – Ledgard Bus Trip, 1950s/1960s

Ledgard Bus Trip – 1950s/60s

Large group of men and women with two Ledgard buses behind them.
Who were they and where were they going to?

Yeadon Charities Outing 1951

B271 – Yeadon Charities Outing, 1951.

Yeadon Charities Outing – 1951

June 16th 1951: There are 18 coaches parked beside the Chelker reservoir on the Skipton/Addingham Road, they were on the way to Southport, a day at the sea-side for the Senior Citizens of Yeadon arranged and paid for by Yeadon Charities Association.

Yeadon Charities Association was founded in 1900 as Yeadon Hospital Fund to give help to people in the town before the NHS was founded.

The name was changed to Yeadon Charities Association in 1939. 

Fund raising events take place all year, the main one is the annual pantomime in Yeadon Town Hall, donations are also given.

Once a year the Charity takes Senior Citizens to the coast for a day, a different venue each year, guests are provided with refreshments, lunch and tea. 

Traditionally on their return the coaches would be met at the top of the High Street and played home by Yeadon Brass Band.  Yeadon can be proud of keeping this tradition and proving that community spirit is still strong despite all the changes which the passing years bring.

Chapel Choir Outing Undated

F651 – Chapel Choir Outing, Undated.

Chapel Choir Outing – Undated

Enjoying a chapel choir outing are Edith Jackson, Christina Padget, Kathleen ? Ann Rhodes, Nancy Bailey.

Donated by Mrs A Ashcroft. (nee Rhodes)

Yeadon Charities Trips 1953

J093 – Yeadon Charities Trips, 1953.

Yeadon Charities Trips – 1953

Article and photos concerning the annual Yeadon Charities trip for the town’s elderly, the destination was New Brighton. Donated by Christine Wilson.

Methodist Seaside Outing 1957

R110 – Methodist Seaside Outing, 1957.

Methodist Seaside Outing – 1957

On a visit to Whitby and Scarborough, ladies of the Central Fellowship of Primitive Methodists.

Charities Trip 1958

G323 – Yeadon Charities Trip, 1958.

Yeadon Charities Trip – 1958

The annual outing for the senior citizens of Yeadon organised by the charity.

On this occasion a fleet of 17 West Yorkshire coaches departed from Albert Square for Bridlington. On return they would be met at the Fountain crossroads by Yeadon Brass Band, the band would lead the coaches home.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Trip to Fleetwood 1966

G489 – Trip to Fleetwood, 1966.

Old Folks Trip to Fleetwood – 1966

The destination for this annual outing was Fleetwood in 1966. The coaches are assembled on Albert Square.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Old Folks Trip 1969

G494 – Old Folks Trip, 1969.

Old Folks Trip – 1969

Fleet of coaches  parked on Albert Square ready for passengers to board.

Each person was given a ticket with their coach and seat numbers on to avoid any confusion. Cemetery Road is on the right, the small building at the edge of Albert Square was a public toilet.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Previous Comments:

Re J093
19 coaches; nearly 600 people! That’s impressive in any language. I used to love going to meet the coaches as they returned to Albert Square. As an additional treat, on the way home my parents often called into Yeadon Factory Workers club and my granddad treated me to an illegal shandy! (Probably one part Tetley’s mild to 20 parts lemonade, but I thought it was ever so grown up. A drink problem at the age of 10?)
17 July 2015.

Some comments from our facebook page 18th June 2015:

Re D445
Beverley Bishop: Oh my grandad on the front row to the right Herbert Fairweather x.

Anne Appleyard: John Mann my Grandad middle row with the bald head.

Kath Stanley: Yes Anne, recognise uncle John your Dad also I think a friend of my mum and dad Jack Hilditch I think he was called, third from left at back they were married at same time and used to go cycling a lot x.

Some comments from our facebook page 1st October 2015:

Re D414
Christine Kirkbride Cavney: Great photo, the men at the front seem to be enjoying themselves by joking around smile emoticon.

Beverley Bishop: Herbert fairweather at the front knelt 2nd left.

Anne Appleyard: John Mann my grandad second row down from back first person on right behind man with head turned to side.

Lynne Ogden: My granddad Horace Gooder 3rd row 1st on left with white hair loved him.

Stephen Walker: And my great grandad x.

Beverley Bishop: All our grandads together!

Carol Claughton: Yeah my Dad, Mr Jack Wade is second row from back second man in from right with a moustache hee, hee, ! lovely.

Re P309
Chris Youhill. The Burlingham Seagulls (2 AEC Reliance’s and 4 Leyland Tiger Cubs) were new in Spring 1955 and lasted till the WYRCC takeover in 1967 when all were sold for further service with other operators.

Re B351
The man on the extreme left is Derek Wilkinson.
16 June 2013.

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