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Coronation Trip 1953
Title Coronation Trip
Date 1953
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D760
Comment Two photographs of three Wallace Arnold coaches on Windmill Lane for a trip to London to see the Coronation decorations. Howard German is the small boy in the centre standing behind him is a woman in a check coat, he was with his grandma. Donated by Maureen Smith.
Coronation Trip 1953

D761 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Coronation Trip – 1953

As above.

Aireborough Coronation Celebrations 1953

FBA135 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Aireborough Coronation Celebrations – 1953

A programme of celebrations in Aireborough 30th May-6th June to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, on June 2nd 1953, the booklet was priced 6d.

Aireborough Coronation Celebrations 1953

FBA136 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Aireborough Coronation Celebrations – 1953

The interior of a booklet with a programme of events which took place between 30th May – 6th June 1953.

The page in view lists all the plans for Coronation Day on June 2nd, in the morning Guiseley Brass Band and Yeadon Old Prize Band toured the two districts, Councillors judged the best decorated streets and shop window displays.
“The Coronation ceremony in London will be relayed by courtesy of local television dealers (Messrs Armitage and Longbottom, Mr H Child, P Watson Ltd, West Riding Radio Relay Co. Ltd and Mr W Stanley) to audiences of people of 65 years and over in the Town Hall Guiseley, the Town Hall Yeadon and the Temperance Hall Rawdon, admission free but by ticket only.
Later, the halls will be open to the general public, when admission will be free of charge without a ticket.
The ceremony will also be relayed to an audience of children in the village school, Hawksworth”.

In the afternoon the bands were playing again, there were cricket and bowls matches.

In the early evening at Hawksworth the schoolchildren were given tea followed by sports, later a bonfire and fireworks.

For the rest of the district the venue was Nunroyd Park where a programme of entertainment had been organised by the Aireborough Urban District Council.

It included a concert by Yeadon Old Prize Band, Children’s Fancy Dress Competition, Six- a Side football, Archery display, Children’s dancing display, Boxing, Cumberland wrestling, Alsatian dog display, Punch and Judy, Dancing, Community singing, Bonfire and fireworks.

Park Road Estate Coronation Celebrations 1953

PU135 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Park Road Estate, Coronation Celebrations – 1953

Park Road estate celebration for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, photo taken in front of Yeadon Town Hall.
Standing to the right of the man beneath the lamp is Gerald Witham, his parents Eric & Muriel Witham are in front of him slightly to the right.
On the front row 6th in from the left is Christopher Witham.

Donated by Mr & Mrs Witham.

Tarn View Road Coronation Party 1953

V094 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Tarn View Road, Coronations Party – 1953

Coronation party for the residents of Tarn View Road, a boy at the front holds a shield with the words “Tarn View Coronation Celebration June 2 1953”. Donated by Derek Oxley.

Footbal Coronation Party 1953

A288 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Football, Coronation Celebrations – 1953

2nd June 1953:

Football hung with flags and bunting to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Eight men stand across the street holding a banner which spells “Football”.

It had been/was raining, many street parties had to be moved indoors to any suitable venue.

This was the occasion when the majority of the population watched a National event on television for the first time, in black and white of course.
Sets were bought specially for the Coronation, most owners were generous and invited neighbours in to view the proceedings.

Football Coronation Celebrations 1953

N43 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Football, Coronation Celebrations – 1953

This photograph was originally described as follow: Residents of Football celebrating the retention of their street name, there had been a proposal to change it to Northfield Terrace.
From left to right are:  Mr Boulton,  Willie Gill,  Mr and Mrs Walter Hatfield,  Mr E Dibb, Harvey Sutcliffe,  Willie Atkinson, Edward Davey,  Mr Kershaw.

However, I believe it is in fact another photograph of the 1953 Coronation Celebrations, but always open for other thoughts!

Football Coronation Party 1953

D244 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Football, Coronations Party – 1953

Residents of the street Football enjoying a party to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

St. John's Church Coronation Party 1953

F189 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

St. John’s Church, Coronation Celebrations – 1953

This party was held in St. John’s Church Hall.

Image donated by Donald and Anne Exley.

Guide Tableau 1953

FBA186 – Coronations & Events, 1953.

Guide Tableau, Coronations Party – 1953

An historical tableau presented by the Guides, this was part of the Coronation celebrations for that year.
The venue was Yeadon Town Hall, Jean Mawson is behind the woman wearing a striped dress, Mrs Walker holds a book.

Donated by Brenda Milnes.

Previous Comments:

Re A288
The two men 4th and 5th from the left were Aenas Dibb and Willie Atkinson.
15 May 2013.

Re D244
Am I right in thinking the lady at the front is Mrs Parker who had the shop on Football and her 2 daughters Jennifer and Nancy. Also Gerald Long behind them?
02 February 2020.

Re FBA186
4th from the left Back row is Alice Gemmel and I knew Mrs Walker and I feel I know some of the others but their names escape me.
06 May 2014.

Re N43
Willie Atkinson (3rd from right) was a founder member of Yeadon Sailing Club in 1928 and was known to all us youngsters as uncle Willie, he is still remembered fondly as uncle Willie too and was the first person to take me sailing at the age of seven. Willie was a joiner and worked for Woods making workmanship caravans. Woods were located where the Stoops pub now is at the bottom of Yeadon Moor.
28 July 2013.

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