Couplands Bakers

Couplands Bakers Undated

Title Couplands Bakers
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID T297
Comment A man, woman and child stand in the doorway of the bakers shop. The sign over the door reads “Late Rawnsley”, in 1908 Miss Sarah Rawnsley is listed as having a shop on the High Street. If this is the same property it dates the photo to after 1908.
Couplands Bakers Undated

P088 – Couplands Bakers, Undated.

Couplands Bakers – Undated

Bakery staff outside the shop on the High Street, the window has a display of bread, pies and groceries.

Couplands Bakers Undated

N395 – Couplands Bakers, Undated.

Couplands Bakers – Undated

Coupland’s shop was on the High Street, Mrs Coupland is seen here in the centre in front of the ovens.

An image rich in detail, showing equipment and products at a time when every task required time and labour.  No labour saving mixers, dish washers, fridges etc, just hard work.

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jean dean
Couplands/Rawnsleys on the High Street where Morrisons is now. When you went into the shop, the bakery was on the right and the cafe was on the left, went in many a time when my mother worked there in the sixties.
11 March 2018.

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