Devonshire Place

Devonshire Place 1978
Title Devonshire Place
Date 1978
Location Yeadon
Photo ID T340
Comment This poor quality view is from Town Hall Square to property on Devonshire Place. The houses were of a type called “blind backs”, entrance only from the front but without a corresponding row of houses abutting the rear as with “back to backs”. The small lower doors led to cellars which were used for laundry and storing coal, there was no internal access down to the cellars.
Devonshire Place 1978

T341 – Devonshire Place, 1978.

Devonshire Place – 1978

Seen from the grounds of the old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.

Devonshire Place 1978

T342 – Devonshire Place, 1978.

Devonshire Place – 1978

Devonshire Place 2012

U251 – Devonshire Place, 2012.

Devonshire Place – 2012

Devonshire Place, to the left Rivoli Pizza can be seen on Ivegate, the buildings to the right front onto the High Street.

Photographer Carlo Harrison.

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