Dobson Family – c1900

Dobson Family c1900

Title Dobson Family
Date c1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID V492
Comment Alice, Sarah and Doris with her hair in ringlets, outside number 3 Batter Lane. Donated by Gillian Clark.
Dobson Family c1910

V493 – Dobson Family, c1910.

Dobson Family – c1910

These people are the great aunts and uncles of the donor of the photo Gillian Clark, seen outside 6 Batter Lane. Although the image is listed as 1920s, I would say that it is more likely to be c1910. Editor. Jack Brayshaw. 04 June 2022.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 04 June 2022.
Last updated: 04 June 2022.

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