Esholt Hall (2)

Esholt Hall Group Photo Undated
Title Esholt Hall
Date Undated
Location Esholt
Photo ID I169
Comment A group of people possibly members of or friends of the Crompton Stansfield’s or Stanhope families who resided at Esholt Hall.
Esholt Hall, Undated

A269 – Esholt Hall, Undated.

Esholt Hall – Undated

The armorial ornamentation seen on the water spout head dates from 1832, and has the initials of Walter Calverley and Robert Stansfield who bought the house and estate in 1755.

Esholt Hall 1980

JH041 – Esholt Hall, 1980.

Esholt Hall – 1980

Rear view of Esholt Hall, now the property of Yorkshire Water.

Esholt Hall 1980

JH043 – Esholt Hall, Undated.

Esholt Hall – Undated

Esholt Hall with the conservatory seen on the right.

Esholt Hall 1980

JH044 – Esholt Hall, 1980.

Esholt Hall – 1980

Front view of Esholt Hall with fountain and pond.

Esholt Hall, Calverley Owl 1980

JH010 – Esholt Hall, 1980.

Esholt Hall – 1980

Calverley owl on a lead pipe at Esholt Hall.

Esholt Hall Staircase 1990

I175 – Esholt Hall, 1990.

Esholt Hall – 1990

The hall and staircase, this staircase replaced the original one.

Esholt Hall 2016

T304 – Esholt Hall, 2016.

Esholt Hall – 2016

View of Esholt Hall, the estate is now owned by Yorkshire Water and the Hall is part of the Esholt Sewage Works. (May 2016)

Previous Comments:

Bernard West
In 1962, I worked on a brand new sulphuric acid plant on a sewage plant near Leeds. This was a necessary part of my Chem Eng degree from UMIST.
I think that it was Esholt, but not sure. Can anyone confirm this?
Bernard West now in Toronto
02 June 2019.

There is an interesting feature on the website “The” about Esholt Hall, its connections to the Calveley familily and the Blacketts of North East England including Sir Walter Calverley Blackett, the so called “King of Newcastle” who built Esholt.
Sir Walter is entombed in Calverley Parish Church nearby.
17 February 2020.

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