Fottball Undated
Title Football
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID DD041
Comment An early view of Football, with a resident sat outside having a rest. Whilst the building at the end with scaffolding around the chimney belonged to Atkinson’s Wheelwrights.
Football 1978

A102 – Football, 1978.

Football – 1978

Looking at the west end of Football with access from Harper Lane.

Football 1978

A101 – Football, 1978.

Football – 1978

This is the east end of Football, looking towards Harper Lane.

Football 1978

A110 – Football, 1978.

Football – 1978

Front view of an old workshop on Football, it had once been a wheelwrights. Was it also at some time used as a garage by a funeral director?

Football 1978

A109 – Football, 1978.

Football – 1978

A rear view of the building.

Football 1981

A390 – Football, 1981.

Football – 1981

Football the name of a road in Yeadon, located off Windmill Lane.

A long road of stone built terrace houses with a few modern in-fills. Supposedly called Football because this road and the adjoining South View Terrace were built on land where football had been played or led to fields where the game had been practised.

It has become a local landmark due to Mr Bernard Snee. In the 1980’s he lived in the house at the end of the row (facing onto Harper Lane) and decided to paint a football on his gable end wall. Painted in black and white, it measures 14 foot in diameter. It took Mr Snee a month to paint using a wooden frame with sections made of hardboard and cardboard to mark out the segments.

Over the years other residents living on Football have given their homes names such as “Offside”, “Hat Trick” and “Left Back”.

Footballo 1983

G382 – Football, 1983.

Football – 1983

Unconfirmed as to whether this is Mr Snee who was the original painter of the football or someone else refreshing the image.

Football 2012

T500 – Football, 2012.

Football – 2012

View from Harper Lane.

Football 2014

N124 – Football, 2014.

Football – 2014

Back view Football.

Football 2014

N340 – Football, 2014.

Football – 2014

View from Windmill lane.

Previous Comments:

Re G382
I remember watching him paint it on the wall. It was fascinating to watch and the end result was superb.
21 November 2016.

Re N124
Hilary Preston
Not sure the top picture is the back of football. My grandparents lived at the bottom opposite the manse which is now called the goalposts and Grandads sister lived next door, the last house before the yard. We owned all the houses in the yard including the one with the large football painted on the gable end. (The painting wasn’t there when grandad was alive )They had a large shared garden behind their house not a “muck road “ as in the picture. I can’t speak for the houses at the top near windmill lane.

Re N124
Robert Davey
I wasn’t sure, either. Then, I reread it. “as seen from King Street” is what might be confusing my memory.
I was born (1959) at 1A Football and remember us getting both a telephone and a television (both firsts, for us) whilst there. The house used to belong to my Paternal Grandfather (Edward Davey) and, Willie Atkinson rented(?) the garage from my Father, Peter Davey.
03 March 2018.

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