Freak Weather (2)

Whack House Lane Flooding 1968
Title Whack House Lane
Date 1968
Location Yeadon
Photo ID N473
Comment The Lane is flooded, probably the huge storm which hit the area in July 1968.
Gill Lane Flooding 1968

E050 – Freak Weather, 1968.

Gill Lane – 1968

A freak hailstorm caused heavy local flooding, the cars seen here are submerged almost to their bonnets!
Blocks of ice are floating on the water.

Gill Lane Flooding 1968

E051 – Freak Weather, 1968.

Gill Lane – 1968

Back Church Street, off Gill Lane opposite what was Syd. Denison’s joiners, it was his car park now a garden.
The other houses are the backs of the properties in Henshaw Lane.

Newlands Avenue July 1968 Hailstorm

B929 – Freak Weather, 1968.

Newlands Avenue – 1968

July 1968: A freak storm brought a deluge of hail stones to the neighbourhood, as seen here. A weather phenomenon still remembered by many Yeadoner’s.

Donated by Doreen and Peter Waite.

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