Friends (Quakers) Meeting House (2)

Friends Quakers 1989
Title Friends (Quakers) Meeting House (2)
Date 1989
Location Rawdon
Photo ID M160
Comment The following six photographs showing the interior of the Meeting House.

Benches and window shutters at the premises on Quaker Lane.
The austere surroundings are part of the Quaker ethic, worship has no formal creed or clergy, meetings are held in silent contemplation, participants speak when they choose to.

Friends Quakers 1989

M161 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

Another interior view of the premises. 

Friends Quakers 1989

M162 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

Extensive work had to be carried out on the roof at this time due to wet and dry rot.

Friends Quakers 1989

M163 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

Simple pine benches in the Meeting House, at that time heating was provided by portable electric heaters and fires. 

Friends Quakers 1989

M164 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

It is a simple rectangular building with gritstone walls. 

Friends Quakers 1989

M165 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

An ancient cupboard with carved oak leaf motifs, each door has a central flower design.

Friends Quakers 1989

M166 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

Crockery used at the Friends School, Low Green, Rawdon, which closed in 1924. The large jug came from the Mission and Adult Friends School known as the Great Wilson Street Schools, Leeds, which were built in 1887.
In 1946, the site was sold to Leeds City Council and by 1967, all the old properties were demolished.
The Headquarters of the ASDA Company, ASDA House, is now on the site (December 2012).

Friends Quakers 1989

M167 – Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, 1989.

Crockery which was used at the Friends School on Low Green and the Great Wilson Street School in Leeds, are now kept at the Meeting House on Quaker Lane (December 2012)

Editors Note: If you found this article on the crockery of interest then you may wish to visit the Friends School 1832 – 1924, pages by – Clicking Here.

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