G T Harrison, Tinsmith – c1915

G T Harrison, Tinsmith, c1915

Title G T Harrison, Tinsmith.
Date c1915
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M002
Comment Van belonging to G T Harrison, manufacturer of Photographic Lamps and other Metal-Ware. He based his business in the old Theatre Royal (Peeps) after it was closed. He was nick-named “Tinner Harrison”
G T Harrison, Tinsmith, c1915

G T Harrison, Tinsmith – c1915

Business card to leave with prospective clients, it reads
“King Street Factory, Yeadon Nr. Leeds Dear Sir, Our Representative will have the pleasure of calling upon you on or about (a space has been left for the appointment time) when your favours will be esteemed by Yours faithfully G T Harrison”

M003 – G T Harrison, Tinsmith, c1915.

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