Garnett Family – 1800s

Joshua Francis Garnett 1800s

Title Joshua Francis Garnett
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID M095
Comment Residence The Knoll, Idle, Bradford. Son of the late Greenwood Garnett, born: Idle, October 1838. Educated at Benton Park School,* Rawdon. Late Senior Partner in the firm of Greenwood Garnett & Sons, worsted manufacturers Valley and Greenside Mills, Apperley Bridge. Married in 1870 to Martha, daughter of Jonathan Ramsden, wool merchant of Dewsbury.” * In 1838 Joseph Riley established a boarding school at Benton Park to educate “Young Gentlemen”.
JW Garnett 1800s

M094 – J W Garnett, Undated.

J W Garnett – Undated

Residence Greengates House, Apperley Bridge.
Son of the late Greenwood Garnett, Born January 1854.
Head of the firm Greenwood Garnett & Sons, woolllen and worsted spinners, dyers and finishers, Valley and Greenside Mills, Apperley Bridge.
JP for the West Riding, Life Governor of Bradford Infirmary.
Life governor of Woodlands Convalescent Home, Rawdon and of the Yorkshire College.
Director of the London and Lancashire Fire office.
Married Edith Blanche only daughter of Robert Aked, Oaklands, Apperley Bridge”

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