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Title Rawdon Hall
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
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Comment Ancient seat of the Rawdon family, George Rawdon began building this house in the late 16th Century, situated off Rawdon Hall Drive, it has sometimes been referred to as Rawdon Low Hall. An overmantel in the West Wing has a carving Anno Domini 1625, many of the downstairs rooms are panelled. This is a view of the house facing east.
Hall Undated

C317 – Rawdon Hall, Undated.

Rawdon Hall – Undated

Rawdon Hall is located on Cliffe Lane and was built by George Rawdon in the late 16th Century, there is a date stone for 1625 but it is thought this was added when the building was finished. This image is of a fireplace with carved overmantel. For more information about the Rawdon family and subsequent owners see “A History of Rawdon” by David C Willcock, whose son Charles is our web site designer.

To view a portrait of Sir George Rawdon with further text – please Click Here.

Hall Undated

C318 – Rawdon Hall, Undated.

Rawdon Hall – Undated

Exterior view of the hall which was built in the late 1500s.

Manse Undated

C415 – Rawdon Hall, Undated.

Rawdon Hall – Undated

The house dates back to at least 1625, it was built by George Rawdon and is located on Cliffe Lane.
Subsequent residents were the Overend family who were early followers of the Quaker persuasion, Samuel Bingley a wealthy farmer, a Major Harris, Nathaniel Briggs and his descendants.
It was requisitioned by the Army during the Second World War.
Charlotte Bronte visited the Hall when she worked as a governess at nearby Upperwood House.

Manse Undated

C416 – Rawdon Hall, Undated.

Rawdon Hall – Undated

One of the rooms in the hall with period furniture and carved stonework on the walls.

Manse Undated

C605 – Rawdon Hall, Undated.

Rawdon Hall – Undated

This is described as the silver room.
On the 17th century chimney piece it is noted that there is new coat of arms in the central panel.

Previous Comments:

Graham Branston
There is more information about Rawdon Hall in my booklet ‘The Halls of Rawdon’. The A.H.S. and Rawdon Library have copies. It was once known by many as Low Hall because the ‘high’ hall was Layton Hall set back from Town Street at its junction with Layton Lane. It is the oldest hall in Rawdon. The other two, Buckstone Hall and Woodleigh Hall are 19th century ‘brass castles’; a term coined by a local historian to describe mini mansions built by wealthy mill owners and business people. You can see several more in the Cragg Wood area.
30 June 2019.

Helen M.
The coat of arms in the silver room (C605) has a turkey crest. William Strickland was supposed to be the person who introduced turkeys to England (after sailing with Sebastian Cabot) and his coat of arms given in the mid 16th Century has a turkey crest with 3 crosses on the shield (called cross pattees apparently).
Perhaps the arms in Rawdon Hall are “related” in some way to the Stricklands – it has the turkey atop and the two crosses on the shield are the same design as Wm. Strickland’s. Possible?
20 July 2019.

Ian Emmott
Did the Emmott or Green Emmott families ever occupy Rawdon Hall, or was it Leyton Hall they were associated with?
12 February 2020.

Andrew Peace
Hi, I live in Doncaster and saw a carved stone on the Rossington Hall Estate carved with the name Charles Philander Anderton and the only link I can find to him is his address changed to Rawdon Hall in the foot notes of a will. Is there any link to either Rossington Hall, Shooters Hill or Mount Pleasant Hotel (near the stones location) that you know of with Rawdon Hall ?
Many thanks
19 December 2020.

I am sorry I can find no record of Charles Philander Anderton residing at Rawdon Hall. Unfortunately due to the current crisis we are not able to access our records in the archive room and I have limited resources at home. I have not been able to find a connection to the places mentioned either. I did a search on line and saw the will referred to and noticed the date was the 1930s, the only snippet I can add is that during WW2 Rawdon Hall was under military occupation, shortly after a Lady Donnington followed by Judge Nevin QC during the 1950s/60s.
Good luck with your research, kind regards Christine Lovedale, AHS archive team.
21 December 2020.

Rupert Nevin
My father was Judge Nevin and he lived at Rawdon Hall from 1947-74, on a long lease from the Snowden family who I believe still own the house. My grandfather Thomas Nevin JP of Mirfield married a Strickland, who reputedly introduced both turkeys and llamas into the U.K. as well as being descendants of Catherine Parr. I believe this is the family crest in the Hall. My father had a lot of information about Rawdon Hall. It was used for the local Home Guard in WW2 and was visited by Montgomery of Alamein at some point. Rawdon Hall had one permanent resident, a ghost known as The Silver Lady. A priest hole reputedly protected Non conformists and one of the Brontes had visited in the mid 19C. It was said that Wesleyans laid out cloth on the bushes to the south of the hall as a sign for a local meeting. The Hall had a very distinctive and fine lower floor dining room but my memory as a child is that it was very cold! There is also stained glass to the large turned stair case, and my father designed the Nevin family. crest with the motto “opere non forte”. He might have been good at law but he was no Latin scholar. He believed this to mean “by hard work and not chance” but in fact we later learned that it translates as “It may not work”!
11 March 2021.

Rupert Nevin – Many thanks for the information that you have provided of your families association with Rawdon Hall. I shall forward this information to our archivists and this page will be updated in due course. Kind regards, Jack Brayshaw. AHS.
11 March 2021.

Jonathan Ridge
Just as a curiosity. My Mother’s first husband was Rupert Nathaniel Rawdon Briggs who died in 1945. His only son, Anthony, now 79, lives in Amsterdam.
06 October 2021.

Anthony Nathaniel Rawdon Briggs
My half-brother Jonathan didn’t get it quite right. My father was Rupert Nathaniel Briggs.
I do have Rawdon as 3rd name.
08 October 2021.

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