Henshaw Lane (2)

Henshaw Lane 1969
Title Henshaw Lane
Date 1969
Location Yeadon
Photo ID PU095A
Comment Demolition of the railway bridge took place on Sunday 2nd March 1969, here we can see men at work on top of the bridge and some of the heavy plant machinery used by Jennings the demolition contractors. Donated by Barbara Winfield.
Henshaw Lane 1969

PU095B – Henshaw Lane, 1969.

Henshaw Lane – 1969

As above.

Henshaw Lane 1969

PU095C – Henshaw Lane, 1969.

Henshaw Lane – 1969

As above.

Henshaw Lane 1978

B145 – Henshaw Lane, 1978.

Henshaw Lane – 1978

Looking up Henshaw Lane in the direction of Harper Lane, after the railway bridge had been demolished. The stone buttresses which had supported the bridge can be seen on either side of the road, they are still in situ. Henshaw Avenue runs to the right behind the bus shelter.

Henshaw Lane 1983

X307 – Henshaw Lane, 1983.

Henshaw Lane – 1983

Henshaw Lane, Yeadon, looking up Henshaw Lane to Harper Lane, in the centre are Lane-Fox Court apartments, on the bottom right edge is the corner with Brooklands Crescent.
Photographer Dennis Court.

Henshaw Lane 1986

FBA144 – Henshaw Lane, 1986.

Henshaw Lane – 1986

A view of Henshaw Lane seen from just below the junction with Ivegate / Well Hill / Harper Lane, on the right edge snow has covered the parking area of Bancroft Works.

Henshaw Lane 2000

H444 – Henshaw Lane, 2000.

Henshaw Lane – 2000

Henshaw Lane, on the left premises of Volvo Penta engine manufacturers.

Henshaw Lane 2012

D547 – Henshaw Lane, 2012.

Henshaw Lane – 2012

April 2012: Henshaw Lane looking towards New Road (A65), on the right is the junction with Gill Lane. The building at the corner here was once a Church of England school, it is now used by a car parts business.
Photographer Carlo Harrison.

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Chris Youhill
To local transport aficionados, Henshaw Lane Bridge is very significant. Its original purpose was to carry the railway branch line to Yeadon Station, chiefly goods but at one time a limited passenger service. As far as the old Moorfield Bus Company was concerned, and from 1934 Ledgard’s when they purchased Moorfield, the bridge confined the services from Otley to Horsforth to single decker operation, costing much expensive duplication at busy times. Eventually it was discovered that low height double deckers could be used providing that they used the centre of the road under the bridge. At our Otley depot we did Dance Specials from Ilkley on Saturday nights to Silsden, Otley and Yeadon. Our efficient manager Mr Jack Tapscott used to change his typewriter ribbon to red, with capital letters, on the weekly sheets to read “YEADON – DOUBLE DECK – KEEP TO CENTRE OF ROAD UNDER HENSHAW BRIDGE” – you see we had no low height double deckers at Otley depot.
23 December 2017.

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