High Street 1860 to present (06)

High Street 1965
Title High Street
Date 1965 to 1984
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D201
Comment This is the lower end of the High Street looking directly across to Town Street (The Steep). On the left is Ivegate with Silver Lane with Westminster Bank going to the right. Martin’s the cleaners is at the corner with Town Hall Square, this property is currently Tea Cosies café (2014). The shop on the right with the blind down is Rigg’s butchers.
High Street 1969

M130 – High Street, 1969.

High Street – 1969

This property was demolished to provide part of the site for Morrisons store.
The shop was greaves Ladies and Gents Outfitters.

High Street 1969

M131 – High Street, 1969.

High Street – 1969

To the left is Greaves Ladies and Gents Outfitters, on the right is the business of H & E Wright.
Both shops were demolished when the building of Morrisons supermarket began.

High Street 1970

G267 – High Street, 1970.

High Street – 1970

On the left is the corner of Morrison’s store, the building being demolished was replaced by 3 new shop units, moving right the buildings are still in situ including the Liberal Club.
Photographer Brian Waite, donated by his family.

High Street 1970s

FB088 – High Street, 1970s.

High Street – 1970s

On the left is the Co-op store at the junction with Marshall Street, this is now a frozen food outlet with an Italian restaurant occupying the upper floors.(March 2013)
Moving right, a branch of the Westfield fish and chip shop then Ben Eastwood’s carpets.
The last two shops are now an estate agents and a dress shop(March 2013).
The cleared ground was the site of the Lecture Hall, shops have since been built here, in the background is a removal van belonging to the firm of Walsh.
The roundabout at Albert Square is just out of view on the right.

High Street 1972

FBA019 – High Street, 1972.

High Street – 1972

On the right Greenwoods men’s outfitters can be seen. Behin the railings is Morrison’s Supermarket.

High Street 1970s

M317 – High Street, 1970s.

High Street – 1970s

Late 1970s, looking across from the end of Silver Lane to the High Street.
On the left edge is the Post Office with the sign on the wall.
Opposite, the market stalls are on Town Hall Square, the building behind is Yeadon Library. Moving right Crockatt’s dry cleaners is at the corner, next David’s Timber DIY shop then R W & W E Cliffe newsagents and on the right Oxfam shop.

High Street 1978

A108 – High Street, 1978.

High Street – 1978

No: 80 High Street, it is for sale. The agents are Ackroyd, Dent & Co, 61 High Street, Yeadon, with a Rawdon telephone number.
The house is described as a Victorian residence.

Next, Walsh Vehicle Repairs Ltd, the business address is Vermont House.

Adjacent to the door with 4 horizontal panes is another door leading upstairs to a warehouse of smoke-damaged goods known as “Smokey Joes”.
Ironically, this business was destroyed by fire!

High Street 1978

A094 – High Street, 1978.

High Street – 1978

As above.

High Street 1979

JH006 – High Street, 1979.

High Street – 1979

A damp market day in Yeadon, the market stalls on the left are on Town Hall Square.
At the corner of the Square is Crockatt’s dry cleaners, the next 2 shop units were David’s Timber D. I .Y stores, then on the right R W & W E Cliffe newsagents. This photograph was originally taken on a 35mm slide and has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.

High Street 1970s

K224 – High Street, 1970s.

High Street – 1970s

Looking down the Steep (Town Street) from the bottom of the High Street.
Ivegate is off to the left and Silver Lane to the right, In the background is a snowy view of the moors.

High Street 1980s

X327 – High Street, 1980s.

High Street – 1980s

On the left side of the road is the side of the Liberal Club, then a dry cleaners, Yeadon Picture House is located at the bend in the street with display cases on the wall.
On the right are Stott’s hardware shop, Cavney’s butchers and the Chocolate Box.

High Street 1981

X308 – High Street, 1981.

High Street – 1981

The car park area is in front of Morrison’s store, to the right side of the street, the shop displaying red sale signs in the windows is Greenwoods men’s shop, moving right next is Stott’s hardware then Buckley’s stationers.
Photographer Dennis Court.

High Street 1983

X317 – High Street, 1983.

High Street – 1983

This is a view of the upper High Street, on the right side a car is parked where the entrance to Club Row is now, The fish & Chip sign is for the “Little Fisherman” shop.
Photographer Dennis Court.

High Street 1983

X449 – High Street, 1983.

High Street – 1983

A post van is parked outside the old Post Office at the junction of Silver Lane and the High Street.
To the left is the corner of the Yeadon library building, the Town Hall is set back from the road with the clock tower visible.
Moving right are Crockatt’s dry cleaners, David’s Timber and Cliffe’s newsagents.
Photographer Dennis Court.

High Street 1984

FB325 – High Street, 1984.

High Street – 1984

This is the bottom of the High Street with Silver Lane on the left.
The building on the left was the Post Office, now a restaurant (August 2013).
On the right are the premises of Lynch Travel.

High Street 1984

FB326 – High Street, 1984.

High Street – 1984

On the left is a butchers shop which was owned by the Rigg family. The Riggs were a Rawdon family, many of them had been butchers for generations, they had other shops including one on Harrogate Road, Rawdon.
Behind the Rawdon shop was a slaughterhouse and a bakery where all the pies, pasties, cooked meats etc were prepared fresh daily.
The businesses were sold to Wilkinsons butchers.

Preston’s shoe shop is to the right.

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