Larkfield Mill

Larkfield Mill 1825
Title Larkfield Mill
Date 1825
Location Rawdon
Photo ID G044
Comment Undated: An artists impression of Larkfield Mill by McCorquodales of Leeds.

The mill was built in 1825 by the Thompson family to manufacture and dye woollen cloth. The Thompson family were responsible for building three mills which operated in Rawdon, Low Mill, built in 1797, Park Mill in 1805 and Larkfield Mill in 1825.
The mill was used for processes in woolen cloth making, scribbling, combing and slubbing wool. It also manufactured cloth and had the facility of a dyehouse. At its peak the workforce of men and women numbered over 80. The bulidings were later known as Larkfield Works and occupied by patent medicine manufacturers
W. B Cartwright Co.Ltd famed for “Rennies” indigestion tablets (W B Cartwright lived at Cragmere House in Rawdon, which is 29 Larkfield Road) and the family run printing firm of Storey Evans.

Larkfield Dam was the water supply for Larkfield Mill in the 1800s. W B Cartwright Co.Ltd., also used this dam as a water supply. Excess water flowed out by a stream feeding the Billing Dam, which in turn fed Booths’ Mill on Leeds Road. To view Larkfield Dam – Click Here. and to view Billing Dam – Click Here.

Storey Evans, moved into Larkfield Works in 1911, eventually moving to Robin Mills at Greengates in 1998.

A fire caused damage in 1907 when it broke out in an area used by E Hattersley a wire drawer and cutler.

Finally, Larkfield Works was demolished and housing is now on the site. (2021)

Larkfield Mill 1919

S218 – Larkfield Mill, 1919.

Larkfield Mill – 1919

Part of the old Larkfield Mill complex which had been utilized by Hattersley’s as a wire works, a fire had devastated the building.
Donated by Carol Hall.

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Storey Evans moved to Robin Mills at Greengates in 1998. I know this is correct as I worked for them.
19 February 2013.

Mr. Rennie of W B Cartwright manufacturing chemist, hence the name of Rennie indigestion tablets.
30 July 2013.

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