Little London School 1846 – 1960

Little London School Pupils 1922

G007 – Little London School Pupils – 1922.

Title Little London School 1846 – 1960
Date 1846 – 1960
Location Rawdon
Photo ID K146
Comment Little London School Pupils 1922

Robert Milligan paid for this school to be built on Micklefield Lane. It was run on Christian principles but with no specific allegiance to a particular church.

It was also utilised as a Baptist Sunday School and a Mechanics Institute only infants were taught there from 1920 until it closed in 1960.

A class of infants are seen here with a Noah’s Ark, their names were:

Back row left to right: Lester Thomas, Tom Smith, Malcolm Chambers, George Bell, Tom Beel, Kenneth Hewitt, Raymond Osset and teacher, Miss Greenwood.

Front row from left to right: Elsie Thomas, Tom Coultas, Lizzie Calvert, Joan Lockwood, Madge Prince, ( ? ) Neville Knight, Susie Jenkinson, Jennie Hardy, Alan Grimshaw.

The boy in front on the left is Ronnie Chambers, the boy on the right is unknown.

Little London School Pupils 1926

T39 – Little London School Pupils – 1926

Little London School Pupils – 1926

Young pupils at the school with a variety of toys including a rocking horse, Noah’s Ark and a dolls house.

Little London SchoolPupils 1942

I015 – Little London School Pupils – 1942.

Little London School Pupils – 1942

The adults on the left side are Mr and Mrs George Prince. To the right is Headmistress, Miss Simms and Mr Ernest Lawson.

2nd row up end of left hand side is Iris Chamberlain.

4th row up 10th child along the right hand side is Eileen Illingworth and on her left is her sister Joan Illingworth.

Back row girl in the middle, Sandra Cole her brother Gordon Cole, curly haired boy end of back row left hand side.

Mr Lawson owned a garage on Leeds Road approximately 300 metres past the Rawdon Co-op and lived at Ivy House on Over Lane.

Little London School Pupils 1952

U497 – Little London School Pupils – 1952

Little London School Pupils – 1952

Fancy dress day for the children. In this photograph are: Angela Elliot, Joyce Munn, Rosalind Greenacre and Stephen Allison.

Donated by Stephen Allinson.

Little London School Undated

P315 – Little London School – Undated.

Little London School – Undated

After the school closed in 1960, it was used as a storage facility by the education authority then converted into apartments in 1980 and called ‘Micklefield Mews’.

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