Littlemoor c1900
Title Littlemoor
Date c1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID E082
Comment Quaker Lane runs through the centre of the image with Littlemoor on the right. The silhouette of Littlemoor school on Harrogate Road can be seen.
Littlemoor 1903

C033 – Littlemoor, 1903.

Littlemoor – 1903

This recreation ground was created to commemorate the Coronation of King Edward V11, in 1902.
It is a triangle of land which was originally fenced with iron railings. To the left is Quaker Lane, Park Road is on the right and Harrogate Road runs left to right on the far side of the park. Looking across the park on the left hand side is the bell tower of Littlemoor School, the large building on the right is Harrogate Road Primitive Methodist Chapel. The chapel was demolished in the 1970s, the school is now converted into apartments. (October 2012).

Littlemoor Park 1903

S401 – Littlemoor Park, 1903.

Littlemoor Park – 1903

Looking across Littlemoor Park to Harrogate Road, on the left is Littlemoor School, on the right is the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
There are crowds outside the school for a special occasion.

Littlemoor 1903

S402 – Littlemoor Park, 1903.

Littlemoor Park – 1903

n the reverse side a message is written ” Willie and I hope you are enjoying yourselves, we wish we were with you, Roy”.
It was sent to a Mrs Emsley at an address in St Annes on Sea.
Donated by Carol Hall.

Littlemoor Undated

FBA007 – Littlemoor, Undated.

Littlemoor – Undated

Initially this public space was called Victoria Park, the land was acquired by Rawdon Council from Captain Green-Emmott Rawdon.
In 1898, Park Road, was laid out and seating installed, 300 crocus bulbs given anonymously were planted .
It was renamed Jubilee Recreation Ground, now it is known as Littlemoor. (June 2013).

Littlemoor Undated

FBA010 – Littlemoor, Undated.

Littlemoor – Undated

Now known as Littlemoor, this public space was originally called Victoria Park. 

Littlemoor Undated

S397 – Littlemoor, Undated.

Littlemoor – Undated

View across Littlemoor to Harrogate Road, Littlemoor School is on the left, the Primitive Methodist Chapel to the right.

Littlemoor Undated

S398 – Littlemoor, Undated.

Littlemoor – Undated

On the reverse is a message :
“Many happy returns of the day from R W & V”
Donated by Carol Hall.

Previous Comments:

Re C033
The cottage bottom left was for the caretaker of the Quaker Chapel.
11 July 2013.

jean dean
I can just remember the railings around the moor, before they disappeared in about 1942, to be donated towards the war effort, but ended up in a huge pile in the council yard at Rawdon. We used to play in the seated areas and use the benches as tables for our toys. My music teacher at school used to sit on the bench at the top of Quaker Lane with her boyfriend, I suppose it made her seem more human, she lived at the bottom of our street. Also there were a lot of nettles in the corners that did not get cut down but they became part of our diet just like spinach, delicious one of our five a day I suppose.
23 August 2018.

Stephen Allinson
The Methodist Chapel was used everyday for school assembly & the school gym.
03 November 2019.

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