Long Stoop (3)

Long Stoop 1984
Title Long Stoop
Date 1984
Location Yeadon
Photo ID FB275
Comment Members of Aireborough Civic Society stand next to a newly installed plaque which has information about the Long Stoop. Donated by Dennis Court.
Long Stoop 1984

FB276 – Long Stoop, 1984.

Long Stoop – 1984

The Long Stoop stone is on the left – 1984. The plaque is behind the man on the right making a speech, it is still to be unveiled. The Aireborough Civic Society were responsible for installing the plaque.
Donated by Dennis Court.

Long Stoop 1984

FB277 – Long Stoop, 1984.

Long Stoop – 1984

Plaque with information about the Long Stoop:

“This Marker Stone (Long Stoop) erected hundreds of years ago to guide travellers towards an ancient settlement at Dene Head to the east. Was moved from it’s earlier site, to the South-West in the year 1984, for runway extensions, Aireborough Civic Society”

Donated by Dennis Court.

Previous Comments:

The ‘new’ Long Stoop was put in place in 1836. The previous one had been damaged. There was a ceremony on the 8th August 1836, which John Yeadon (1764- 1843) attended. He kept a diary. This is part of the entry for that day. “The old Conelodge stone Stoop being destroyed sometime back by deprecators, which has stood hundreds of years. A new one was set up this day with music and rejoicing”. Each time I visit Yeadon I make a point of driving by, and remember this diary entry.
25 August 2013.

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