Lower Gill Mill House

Lower Gill Mill House 1979
Title Lower Gill Mill House
Date June 1979
Location Yeadon
Photo ID JH005
Comment This property is on Gill Lane and was once more than one dwelling. Lower Gill Mill is thought to date from the 17th century, it was a corn mill and stood to the right of the house. There were 2 other mills in the vicinity, Gill Mill operated as a woollen mill and Upper Gill Mill was also a corn mill. By 1908 Lower Gill Mill was disused but the building stood until around the late 1930s. This photograph was originally taken on a 35mm slide and has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.
Lower Gill Mill House 2015

Z114 – Lower Gill Mill House, 2015.

Lower Gill Mill House – 2015

Gateway and path leading down to the house.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Lower Gill Mill House 2015

Z145 – Lower Gill Mill House, 2015.

Lower Gill Mill House – 2015

A view of the property leading down the drive.

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The two windows on the right hand side and the door are the original part of the house, it has the original stone staircase. The land to the right is where the mill was, and the site of the dam. On the grassed area to the right was a footpath which led to the mill.
05 November 2013.

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