Manor House

Manor House Undated

Title Manor House
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID G043
Comment Apart from the old Rectory which dates from 1601, this is the oldest house in Guiseley dating from 1681. There is a sundial set in the wall to the right of the small central window. The adjoining houses were at one point tied cottages.
Manor House Undated

X172 – Manor House, Undated.

Manor House – Undated

Old Manor House situated on Town Street.

Manor House Undated

J119 – Manor House, Undated.

Manor House – Undated

The Manor House located on Town Street.

Manor House 1997

FBA081 – Manor House, 1997.

Manor House – 1997

Situated on Town Street, this is reputed to be the oldest house in Guiseley.

Image donated by Lynne Moxon.

Manor House 2016

A679 – Manor House, 2016.

Manor House – 2016

The Manor House is located on Town Street. It is one of the oldest buildings in the area, dating back to 1681. Photographer Edwy Harling.  

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