Manor Terrace

Manor Terrace 2014
Title Manor Terrace
Date 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M375
Comment A row of cottages named after the nearby Yeadon Manor and Manor Mill. On the right is a street sign for Manor Square. Photographer John Arundel.
Manor Terrace 2014

JH037 – Manor Terrace, 2014.

Manor Terrace – 2014

Houses on Manor Terrace which is located off Queensway.

Manor Terrace 2015

U093 – Manor Terrace, 2015.

Manor Terrace – 2014

Manor Terrace located on Queensway.

Photographer Phil Walker.

Previous Comments:

That’s my house with the fake beams! Recently got the house deeds but only goes back to 1860 that I can proove (Land Registry starting 1862). Top house on left was always a dwelling house the other two were formerly a weaving shop split into houses about 1860’s just after Manor Mills was built.
21 February 2015.

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