Markham Avenue

Markham Avenue 1960s
Title Markham Avenue
Date 1960s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID L388
Comment A view of Markham Avenue taken in the 1960s. Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

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Jean Dean (Luty)
Lovely Markham Avenue, where people used to live forever and never move, we knew all our neighbours right down to the bottom. Eddie Jenkinson in the bungalow on the right with his parents. Our house was on the left you can just see the corner of the garden wall and one of the trees that we planted in the late 1940’s when the houses were built. Before the houses were built we used to walk across the fields to Yeadon, up the snicket that led to Moorfield Garage.
08 January 2018.

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