A Group of Pensioners Undated
Title A Group of Pensioners
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID K444
Comment Six men who were said to be the oldest pensioners in Yeadon, their combined ages was 449 years. Donated by Edith and Roger Pratt.
A group of men Undated

L319 – A Group of Men, Undated.

A Group of Men – Undated

A group of men who were perhaps wedding guests, many wearing flower buttonholes and all sporting various types of hats from boater to bowler!

Donated by Peter Brittle.

A Local Man 1900

A160 – A Local Man, 1900.

A Local Man – 1900

Poor quality image of an unknown local man snoozing in what appears to be a public house.  On the left is the edge of a fireplace with a beer mug on it, the floor is stone flagged.

Three Elderly Men c1900

M146 – Three Elderly Men, c1900.

Three Elderly Men – c1900

When this photo was taken (around 1900) these three men were reputedly the oldest in Yeadon, the location is Yeadon  Moor.
It is thought the man in the centre was Billy Law who lived near the old Peacock Inn, to the right is Thompson Marshall who acted as a school truant officer.

Men's Treat 1913

B325 – Men’s Treat, 1913.

Men’s Treat – 1913

October 1913:

Male members of the Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel Hill are pictured in shirtsleeves and aprons outside the caretakers house.
This was a yearly event when the men provided and served tea to all the other chapel members.

This chapel was head of the Wesleyan Methodist circuit which included Yeadon, Guiseley, Esholt and Rawdon, membership was always in excess of 650 people.

A message on the reverse of image B327 seems to refer to this event, addressed to: Mr and Mrs Braithwaite, October 29th 1913
“Dear Ben, can you come up early on Saturday afternoon as all the young men are intending having their photos taken in their shirt sleeves and aprons, your sincerely B Kirkbright”

A Group of Men c1913

V724 – A Group of Men, c1913.

A Group of Men – c1913

Granville Brayshaw middle row, fourth from the left – Circa 1913 at Yeadon. Granville was a son of William Brayshaw, Blacksmith’s and Joiners, Marshall Street, Yeadon. He served in the army during WWI and survived Gallipoli.

Donated by Jack Brayshaw.

A Group of Men c1913

V725 – A Group of Men, c1913.

A group of Men – c1913.

Granville Brayshaw – fourth from the left – Circa 1913. 2nd right Samuel Sutcliffe and far left Herman Sutcliffe both family friends related to Walter & Nancy Sutcliffe at Rawdon during the 1950s.
Donated by Jack Brayshaw.

A Group of Men Undated

FB356 – A Group of Men, Undated.

A Group of Men – Undated

A group of Yeadon men on Victoria Avenue, 5th from the right is Mr Waterworth. Donated by Dennis Court.

A Group of Men 1916

C284 – A Group of Men, 1916.

A Group of Men – 1916

A wedding group perhaps? 
Some of them have  flowers in their buttonholes, all are wearing flat caps or bowler hats.
The rather grumpy looking chap on the left with his arms crossed was named Cooper, father of Albert Cooper.

A Group of Men c1919

H014 – A Group of Men, c1919.

A Group of Men – c1919

A group of men outside the Commercial Inn, it was closed in 1962 and demolished, the Tarn Inn was built on the site.

The man, back row, 1st left, is Granville Brayshaw, son of William Brayshaw, Blacksmith’s & Joiners, of Marshall Street, Yeadon, identified by his grandson, Jack Brayshaw, 09 November 2021.

The man 2nd left in the doorway wearing a bow tie, cap, watch and chain was Walter Kitson.
The name Whittam is also noted but with no indication which man it was.

A Barbers Shop Undated

SL033 – A Barbers Shop, Undated.

A Barbers Shop, Undated.

A young boy is in the chair, the barber is giving him a “short back and sides” haircut.
To the left of the fireplace is an advertisement for Capstan cigarettes, this brand came onto the market in 1894.

This photograph was originally taken onto a glass slide by E. E .Slater of Hopeville, Yeadon. It has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.

A portrait of 5 Yeadon men Undated

A494 – Portrait of 5 Yeadon Men, Undated.

Portrait of five Yeadon Men – Undated

The names Johnny Kirkbright and Frank Crawford are on this photo, it is possibly Frank Crawford in the middle of the group.

A Group of Men Undated

C080 – A Group of Men, Undated.

A Group of Men – Undated

Very poor image which is badly creased and faded.
On the back row, third man in from the left is Harold Hardy, followed to the right by ?, Joe Dibb, professional footballer.

Middle row, left to right:  Laurence Lee: ?, ?, Everet Long, ?, George Brown of Dam Field Farm, Fred Fletcher, ?, Austin Dibb.

Front row left to right 5th man in, ? Bates, Len Fell, Tom Fell, who was a cobbler, ?, ?.

A Group of Men 1934

B005 – A Group of Men, 1934.

A Group of Men – 1934

A group of Yeadon men some of them are identified:

Back Row L-R 1. Ernest Richardson, 2. Arthur Crawford (holding dog), 3. ?, 4. Dave Scott, 5.?, 6. Harry Booth.

Front L-R Charlie Wilkinson (with dog, night soil man), O L Harrison. The job of a night soil man was not very pleasant, he went round at night to remove waste from cesspits and privies before indoor sanitation with hygienic waste disposal became the norm.

Park View Chapel Lecture 1960

C413 – Park View Chapel Lecture, 1960.

Park View Chapel Lecture – 1960

This photo was taken in the vestry of Park View Methodist Chapel prior to a lecture given by Mr Walter Flesher of Burly-in-Wharfedale.
The Minister, Rev. Andrews is in the middle of the group , Mr Flesher is holding the tray of mounted butterflies or moths.
Also present were A Downing, J Fletcher, K Hardaker, A Sutcliffe and H Rhodes.

Police Presentation 1969

K484 – Police Presentation, 1969.

Police Presentation – 1969

We don’t have any names or location for this photograph.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Previous Comments:

Re A494
Johnny Kirkbright was my Grandad and is at the back right.
He was born 1899.
26 August 2013.

Re M146
I wonder if this man in the middle is the father of my wife’s cousin by marriage, Rene Stuart (nee Law) who lived with her father at the Oddfellows on the green at Yeadon and reputedly pushed my father who lived next door in 1903 out in his Pushchair or pram. This is a story she told me and it would fit in with the date.
04 July 2013.

Just how old were they? I expect my age would be considered old then ( 86 ) but there will be a lot of us survivors now I expect.
27 November 2020.

Re B005
I remember Charlie Wilkinson coming round at night to empty the dry closets. In the one at the top of Varley’s Fold there were three different sized seats for two fairly normal and one small one for the children. Charlies wife lived on Enfield estate and I remember their daughter dying aged 12.
02 June 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 15 October 2021.
Last updated: 12 November 2021 – Photo ID: V724, V725, Ho14 & SL033.

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