Moorfield Mills

Moorfield Mills Undated
Title Moorfield Mills
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID FF022
Comment Sign to mark the boundary of Moorefield Mills which were demolished in 1972. It is no longer in situ (February 2013)
Moorfield Mills Undated

FF023 – Moorfield Mills, Undated.

Moorfield Mills – Undated

An office building which is situated next to the White Swan cricket ground, this would have been the perimeter of Moorfield Mills.

Moorfield Mills Undated

P361 – Moorfield Mills, 1950/2006.

Moorfield Mills – 1950/2006

1950s/2006: In the left view Harrogate Road (Victoria Avenue) runs across the top from left to right.
The High Street comes down from the right hand corner, Moorfield Mill is above the White Swan cricket ground.
On the left behind the mill is Moorfield House, once the home of William Murgatroyd who built the mill.
The 2006 photo looks across the High Street to a fish restaurant which is on the site of the Moorfield Mill, when the restaurant was being converted from a car showroom it was decided to name it after the original mill owner.

Moorfield Mills Undated

D368 – Moorfield Mills, Undated.

Moorfield Mills – Undated

An undated photo of the interior of Wm. Murgatroyd’s Moorfield Mills.
It looks as if it could be the Pump House.

C650 – Moorfield Mills, Undated.

Moorfield Mills – Undated

The cloth scouring department of William Murgatroyd’s Moorfield Mills.

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