Oddfellows Inn

Oddfellows Inn 1979
Title Oddfellows Inn
Date 1979
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M453
Comment This was one of the older Yeadon pubs until it was closed and converted into 2 cottages. It was also known locally as “The Rag & Louse”, a derogatory name coined when itinerant workers lodged there, for a while it was officially adopted as the pub’s name.
Oddfellows Inn Undated Patrons

D499 – Oddfellows Inn, Undated.

Oddfellows Inn – Undated

A group of men thought to be patrons of the Inn.

Donated by Brenda Mawson.

Oddfellows Inn 1949 Patrons

B953 – Oddfellows Inn, 1949.

Oddfellows Inn – 1949

This photo was taken outside a pub in the Yorkshire Dales, many of the group were regular customers of the Oddfellows.

The donor of the photo Philip Archdale remarks that his grandfather John Archdale is on the right of the group, just to the left of the man with a hat on.

Behind him is probably Billy Dinsdale who did odd jobs at the Oddfellows.

Oddfellows Inn 1962 Patrons

Oddfellows Inn – 1962

The donor of the photo Philip Archdale told us “Many of the faces are the same as in the 1949 trip photo (image B953). The photo was taken when the road was being built in front of the pub, the shuttle factory and other old buildings across from the pub were demolished”.

B954 – Oddfellows Inn, 1962.

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Re M453
I was Born in a House which was attached to the extreme right hand side of this photo the remains of which can still be seen in a small wall. I also knew Isaac Kitchen very well but not as the landlord of the Oddfellows.
10 September 2013.

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