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Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1920/21

D629 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1920/21

Title Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1920/21
Date 1920/21
Location Rawdon
Photo ID D629
Comment This team were the winners of the Wharfedale Senior League, seen outside the Emmott Arms with their trophy.
Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1920/21

J273 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1920/21

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1920/21

Football team at the Billing, the donor Ruth Mahy (nee Whitaker) says her father is on the far right of the front row.

Rawdon Old Boys AFC Undated

J308 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, Undated

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – Undated

The donor of this photo, Keith Parker, thinks this may be Rawdon Old Boys or possibly Yeadon Celtic. Fred Parker is 3rd from the right on the front row.

Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1943/44

O35 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1943/44

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1943/44

The football team who played in the Red Triangle League and winners of the cup season. Donated by Keith Parker.

Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1944/45

O34 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1944/45

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1944/45

The football team, winners of the Wharfedale Challenge Cup.

Donated by Ian Gillingham.

Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1949/50

E394 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1949/50

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1949/50

The football team beaten 1-0 at Ilkley in a final against Ilkley British Legion. Alan Exley has the ball at his feet, other players in no order were: Kirkbright, Jim Illingworth, Newton, Jones, Mann, Keighley, Timmings, Pritchard and Meneer.

Rawdon Old Boys AFC 1968

J394 – Rawdon Old Boys AFC, 1968

Rawdon Old Boys AFC – 1968

Rawdon Football Team.

Photographer Bryan Waite donated by his family.

Previous Comments:

Re J394
Think this shows the factory buildings in the background which were always known as “Cartwrights”. Also, Storey Evans where both my Mum and Dad worked at different times. I worked in one of those buildings in my summer holidays early 60s when it was Timothy Whites and Taylors pharmaceutical supplier. I was employed on a conveyor belt canning labelling and capping anti-freeze I used to go home a strange blue/green colour! Used to watch the Old Boys with my Dad in 1950s and look over the wall to watch the cricket at Rawdon Cricket Club.
31 July 2017

A couple of the faces seem familiar, but I can’t put a name to them, but the lad on the right back row is Alan Summers I believe.
31 July 2017

Re E394
Angela Clarke
My grandad Jim Illingworth Back row 1st right.

Re J273
Lovely photo thanks for sharing. My Mum and Gran would have known all these lads as they lived in Town Street. I used to go and watch Rawdon Old Boys in the 1950s and 60s when the Schofield (greengrocers Harrogate Road) used to play for the team. They played in the same field behind the cricket ground which had posts and ropes all around it. It is an interesting view of the Billing as the farm was still there then and also the very high dark stone wall on the right that surrounded a well which always used to spook me when I walked past.
29 June 2017

Re J273
The man behind the goalie in the dark shorts is Jack Haste electrical engineer who lived on Yeadon Ave. He played at centre half. Back row far right I think is Alf Waite

plumber from Little London. The man on the far right in a suit looks like Fred Hanson. I thought the date of the picture would have been later than 1920.

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