Over Lane

U949 – Over Lane in Winter, c1900

Title Over Lane
Date c1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID U949
Comment A view of Over Lane taken half way down the first incline from the top.

This winter scene is one of my favourites. On the left was the home of Mr and Mrs Slater and family. Mr Slater and his wife were caretakers of the Greenhill Methodist Chapel located behind their home on the Leeds Road.

The Methodist burial ground was also behind their home. Just further down on the left is Prospect Street, which also led down to the Leeds Road and to the right over the high wall was Crow Trees.

Donated by Jack Brayshaw.

E078 – Over Lane, Conservative Club, c1900.

Over Lane Conservative Club – c1900

Over Lane with the Conservative Club on the right. It was replaced by a new club on the Leeds Road, directly opposite the junction of the Leeds Road and Over Lane in 1911.

It is now a private dwelling (October 2012).

Old Post Office Over Lane c1900

Old Post Office, Over Lane – c1900

This image was originally titled as Henley Hill, Post Office, Henley Hill being on the right of the image out of view. It is though, the old post office on Over Lane.

G262 – Old Post Office, Over Lane, c1900.

Over Lane Post Office - 1907

A381 – Old Post Office, Over Lane.

Over Lane Post Office – 1907

Located at the top of Over Lane was the village Post Office and here we see a group of young boys waiting outside to deliver letters on a Sunday morning.

Miss Palliser was the Postmistress and opened the Post Office to collect the letters. The cobblers shop on the left has the cobbler Mr Webster standing on the steps.

The information about this postcard photograph states that this was during the first World War, but the postmark on the reverse is quite clear – Dec. 2nd 1907, seven years before the war started in 1914.

The message reads: ‘Dear B, I quite forgot that I have a most important meeting on Wed, so if it is a nice fine day will come tom0rrow, Tuesday we will go to your aunts B J L first. It is addressed to: Mr B Jordan, 40 Copthorne Street, Bradford.

S208 – Emsley’s Shop, Over Lane.

Over Lane Emsley’s Shop – c1907

Emsley’s grocers shop on the junction of Over Lane to the left and Larkfield Road on the right, the Emmott Arms Public House is out of view behind and to the right of the photographer.

The sign above the window declares that it is a grocers and drapers.

Donated by Carol Hall.

S209 – Emsley’s Shop, Over Lane.

Over Lane Emsley’s Shop – c1907

Another view of Emsley’s grocers with a woman standing in the doorway where a blackboard and chalk notice board gives the prices of some provisions:

Danish Butter 1/7d 1Ib (One shilling and seven pence a pound weight)

Bacon 1/2d 1Ib (One shilling and two pence a pound weight)

Pineapple 7d a tin (Seven pence)

Pears Large tin 1/5 halfpenny (One shilling and five pence, one halfpenny)

Donated by Carol Hall.

Over Lane, Conservative Club

A155 – Over Lane, Conservative Club, 1908.

Over Lane Conservative Club – 1908

This scene is outside the Conservative Club on Over Lane, the club had begun in 1886 with 25 members but not at this venue, this building still stands.
In 1911 a new club was built on Leeds Road which still remains, but is now a private house. (October 2012).
The Conservative election candidate was John James Oddy, he is standing on the steps wearing a top hat and has a buttonhole, on his left is a lady wearing an extravagant hat, perhaps Mrs Oddy.

Voting took place on 20th June 1908, the other candidates were Frederick Ogden, Liberal and from the new Labour Party J.W. Benson.
Mr Oddy won the election with 5,444 votes.

Perhaps his supporters were rallied by all the rousing posters seen here
“Which will you have the Workhouse or the Workshop”
“Cheaper coal for the foreigner dearer coal to you”

Mr Oddy lost the seat in the 1910 General Election to Mr Ogden.

Over Lane 1912

Over Lane – 1912

A post card view of Over Lane as seen from the Leeds Road on the 1st January 1912. See image S484 below for the message on the reverse.

S483 – Over lane, Junction with Leeds Road, 1912.

Over Lane 1912 reverse

A greeting on the reverse reads:

‘Many Happy Returns of the day to you. Wishing you and Mrs Emsley a very Happy New Year.
G & E W Apperley Lane January 1st 1912′

It closes with a cryptic PS: ‘XXX Vii-23 PS1-3’ (A possible reference to a biblical text)

S484 – message on the reverse of image S483 above.

Over Lane 1935/36

Over Lane – 1935/36

Cottages on Over Lane which were opposite to Highfield Terrace. Look closely to the first low cottage on the left and you can just see a Barbers Pole, which was the Barbers shop of Mr Lee whose business was there in the 1920s, which means that this image may be miss-dated. Editor: Jack Brayshaw 10 May 2022. Thanks to Lynn Cussack for her ‘eagle’ eye in spotting the barbers pole.

Donated by Carol Hall.

S472 – Over Lane, 1935/36.

Over Lane 1947

Over Lane – 1947

Over Lane looking in the direction of Leeds Road, two young girls are walking towards the camera.

Photographer Marmaduke Milner, donated by the Swain family of Rawdon.

J330 – Over Lane, 1947.

Over Lane 1966

Over Lane – 1966

A view of the properties numbering from left to right, 9 to 13 on Over Lane. No: 9, was the residence of Mr and Mrs Slater and family, Caretakers of the Greenhill Methodist Chapel located behind and below their home on the Leeds Road.

Photographer James Farrar, donated by his son David and taken from the fields in Crow Trees.

I237 – Over Lane, 1966.

Over Lane 1960s

Over Lane – 1960s

A view of the very top of Over Lane at the junction with Town Street and Larkfield Road entering the image on the left.  The shop of the left was the business of Miss Croft, behind the telegraph pole is the Emmott Arms.

Look closely to the far right and you can just make out the old wooden Bus Shelter that once stood there until the 70s when it was replaced by a flimsy metal and Perspex one.

G078 – Over Lane, 1960s.

Over Lane Undated

Over Lane – Undated

As told by Roland Brindley:

The entrance to Greenhill Methodist Chapel graveyard can be seen on the right, gateposts in the middle distance. The gable end with window is the end of a long row of dwellings, the far one being the residence of the Greenhill Methodist janitor, Slater’s when I was living at the top of the hill.

Next came Teddy and Roy Drake’s house, then a covered alleyway down to the back gardens, then another residence belonging to that gable end.

Behind the camera was Palliser’s printing works, then Joe Brook’s bookmakers, then Hardaker’s Off-licence shop (later Maurice Ashmore), then Prospect Street. On the left the paddock where Peggy Haigh had her two ponies.

This is clearly old Rawdon, I drove Ledgard buses up here every day, lived here 25 years. Forget all about Quaker Lane or Warm Lane.

R385 – Over Lane, Undated.

Over Lane 2005

Over Lane – 2005

Over Lane runs along the bottom of the image with Larkfield Road above it, over the wall on Larkfield Road is Rawdon Cricket Club and field. The Emmott Arms is just out of view on the right.

U081 – Over Lane, 2005.

Over Lane 2014

Over Lane – 2014

The same view as above taken in 2014, by Edwy Harling.

G497 – Over Lane, 2014.

Previous Comments:

Re S208
The shop was a sweet shop when I was little in the 50’s and was owned by Mr and Mrs Binns and Mrs Binns made the most amazing yellow creamy homemade ice cream which you were served in a wafer and some greaseproof paper from a special little oblong gadget that made a clicking noise or you could take over a bowl and she would give you several scoops again with a special metal gadget and we would cover with a cloth and hurry home with it before it melted! That was the best ice cream ever. Used to buy rainbow crystals and a 1/2d liquorice (strong dark and hard) and dip it in and it would last for ages and sherbet lemons that took the roof off your mouth if you ate too many (and I did often)!
10 September 2013

Re R385
Laurence Bell
R385 photograph.
The gable end with window was my grandparents house until it was demolished and my grandmother was re-housed at Greenlea near to Westfield Estate in 1966.
01 June 2020

Re S484
The Emsley family had a Green Grocer’s shop on Over Lane, and the 1911 Census shows Robert and Mary living there.

The reference looks like it’s from Psalm 37, 1-3, written by David.

“Fret not yourself because of evildoers;
be not envious of wrongdoers!
For they will soon fade like the grass
and wither like the green herb.
Trust in the Lord, and do good;
dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness”
17 March 2019

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