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Pantomime 'Gretchen' 1922
Title Pantomime
Date 1922
Location Yeadon
Photo ID E600
Comment Gretchen a character in a pantomime, the actress is sitting on a box with a hatbox and bag at her side.

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Pantomime Billboard 1922

C411 – Pantomime Billboard, 1922.

Pantomime Billboard – 1922

A boy holds a billboard advertising the pantomime Mother Goose.

Pantomime 1930

FF100 – Pantomime, 1930.

Pantomime – 1930

Taking part in a pantomime are the Sunbeams:

Patricia Barrett has contacted us to say: The last girl on the right is my Mum Alma Kitson from Rawdon. She said she was about 12 or 13 at the time which would make it about 1929 or 1930″ The girls were named ‘The Sunbeams’.

Pantomime 1930

FF100R – Pantomime, 1930.

Pantomime -1930

On the reverse is written “Pantomime, I think the Naylor sisters are on you will see all about it in the Wharfedale”

Pantomime Dancers 1930s

C085 – Pantomime Dancers, 1930s.

Pantomime Dancers – 1930s

A local pantomime production, the male dancer was Joe Blackburn.

Some of the ladies have been named, from left to right:

Minnie Balmforth: ?: ?: ?: Hilda Elliot: ? Ibbotson: Mary Walton: ?: ? Flesher.

Pantomime Dancers 1930s

M200 – Pantomime Dancers, 1930s.

Pantomime Dancers – 1930s

Young dancers and older performers, the girls wearing cowboy hats were, from left to right: Lilian Ibbetson, Myra Hudson, Hilda Elliot, Renee Yeadon, Jenny Mitchell, Mary Walton, Mimi Balmforth, Renee Jeffries, Madge Naylor.

Temperance Hall Pantomime 1935

G090 – Temperance Hall Pantomime, 1935.

Temperance Hall Pantomime – 1935

The cast of a pantomime given at the Temperance Hall, 1935.

The man in the middle of the group is Donald White who produced many of the shows at the Temperance Hall. 

The lady in the striped top is his niece Wendy Howard, daughter of Dora (nee White) and Sydney Howard. Wendy stayed with the White family who had the newsagents on Ivegate whilst her father was away fulfilling his professional commitments.

Temperance Hall Pantomime 1935

FB285 – Temperance Hall Pantomime, 1935.

Temperance Hall Pantomime – 1935

The cast of a pantomime given at the Temperance Hall.
The producer Donald White is on the left, on the back row 2nd from the right is Annie Cross.

Mother Goose 1935

D125 – Mother Goose Pantomime, 1935.

Mother Goose Pantomime – 1935

The cast of Mother goose, this was probably a production by the Yeadon Pantomime Company in Yeadon Town Hall.

D129 – Pantomime Cast, 1935.

Pantomime Cast Named – Undated

The group includes: Joe Long, Kathleen Harrison, George Holroyd, Arthur Long, Fred Waite.
Fred Waite is wearing the white suit.

Robinson Cruzoe pantomime 1936

M199 – Robinson Cruzoe, Pantomime, 1936.

Robinson Crusoe Pantomime – 1936

Some of the pantomime cast, from left to right were:

Kathleen Harrison, Louie Kitson, Hilda Elliot, ? Lilian Ibbetson, ? Mimi Balmforth, Mary Walton, Annie Flesher, Madge Naylor.

Robinson Cruzoe Pantomime 1936

W497 – Robinson Cruzoe, Pantomime, 1936.

Robinson Crusoe Pantomime – 1936

Some of the principles in the Yeadon pantomime “Robinson Crusoe” which started a fortnights run on 1st February.

Left to right: Fred Waite as Will Atkins; Victor Bilton as Mrs Crusoe; Joe Long as Billy Crusoe; Arthur long as Ben Bobstay; George Holroyd as Captain Mainmast.

Back: Mary Featherstone as Polly; Kathleen Harrison as Daisy; Ada Laycock as Princess Pearlypet”

Park View Chapel Pantomime Undated

D612 – Park View Chapel, Undated.

Park View Chapel, Pantomime – Undated

Chapel members in costume for a pantomime.

Mother Goose Pantomime 1942

CH099 – Mother Goose Pantomime, 1942.

Mother Goose Pantomime – 1942

As described in the local newspaper.

Aladdin Pantomime 1947

FB091 – Aladdin Pantomime, 1947.

Aladdin Pantomime – 1947

These girls were appearing in a production of the pantomime Aladdin, Muriel Downs is in the middle of the back row.

Donated by Rachel Glynn.

Yeadon Methodist Church c1940s

F929 – Yeadon Methodist Church, c1940s.

Yeadon Methodist Church – c1940s

Sunday School pantomime at the Chapel Hill Methodist Church, from left to right are: Brian Jennings, Ian Jennings,  Elizabeth Kay, Anne Ashcroft, Sylvia Mankin, Stuart Kay, Victor Aldous.

Donated by Mrs A Ashcroft.

Charities Pantomime 1950s

E283 – Charities Pantomime, 1950s.

Charities Pantomime – 1950s

Pantomime cast seen in Yeadon Town Hall.

Image donated by Gerald Long.

Fancy Dress Group Undated

N355 – Fancy Dress Group, Undated.

Fancy Dress Group – Undated

Group in a variety of fancy dress costumes, the photographer was J Shadlock of Yeadon.

Nola E£xley's Dancers 1953

Z177 – Nola Exley’s Dancers, 1953.

Nola Exley’s Dancers, Yeadon Town Hall – 1953

This photo was listed in the Guiseley Town Hall, section, however, read on…

In the past the theatre was the Town Hall, the photo shows Nola Exley’s dance group who were taking part in a production of Aladdin.
The girl kneeling on the left was Heather, to the right, kneeling is Anne Watkinson, standing next to her is Maureen Bolton.
Donated by Anne Copeland nee Watkinson.

From Christine Roberts – The photo of Nola Exley’s dancers was taken at Yeadon Town Hall, not Guiseley, I was Christine Lawson in those days and was the ‘princess’ kneeling centre right. I know all the names if anyone is interested. The date was 1953.
28 April 2020.

Editor’s Note: – Thank you Christine for your explanation and yes, AHS would be very interested if you could supply further names to the faces. Please forward to me Jack Brayshaw. AHS, at

Park View Chapel Pantomime 1966

H037 – Park View Chapel, Pantomime, 1966.

Park View Chapel, Pantomime – 1966

Cast of a pantomime staged by the chapel.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Charities Pantomime 1966

H031 – Pantomime, 1950s.

Pantomime – 1966

Principal actors include a ventriloquist with his dummy.
The pantomimes are produced in Yeadon Town Hall annually by Yeadon Charities Association, the money raised provides an outing for the elderly of the town.

Charities Pantomime 1966

H032 – Pantomime, 1950s.

Pantomime – 1966

As above.

Charities Pantomime 1966

H033 – Pantomime, 1950s.

Pantomime – 1966

The principal actors in the pantomime.

King an I Pantomime 1968

C226 – King and I, 1968.

King and I – 1968

A production of the King and I, this is a group of “Royal” children.
On the left of the back row is Valerie Eastwood, next Deborah Naylor then 3 unknown children, next Richard Holdsworth.
The producer’s name was Myers, 3 cast members were also from the Myers family, Karen Speight is believed to have taken part in the show.

Donated by Richard Holdsworth.

Previous Comments:

Re G091
The young man standing on the on thextreme right is my Uncle, Arthur Kilburn.
15 May 2013.

Re D125
The man 5th from the right back row is big Joe long and the one 6th from the right middle row is little Joe long and I think the second girl in after the goose is Marion Myers.
02 June 2013.

Re D129
Kathleen Harrison was an accordionist and my sister in law Eileen Lacey went to her for lessons in the 40’s.
21 July 2013.

Kathleen Harrison was my Auntie as was Olive her sister. I thought it was Olive who was the accodionist?
21 July 2013.

Little Joe Long was my grandfather and Arthur Long Joe’s son was my father, my mum Madge Long nee Flesher appeared in pantomimes at the Yeadon Temperance Hall with both Joe and Arthur. Madge and Arthur were specialist dancers in the shows and were known as the Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts of Yeadon.
16 February 2020.

Re M200
I knew most of the girls names in the cowboy hats and I think I can name three of the girls in the bottom row 3rd from left Jean Holdroyd, 4th from right Audrey Dreze, 5th from right Pat Wallis. If any body can correct me I will stand corrected.
21 July 2013.

Re FB091
I think the girl on the left at the back is ? Lee and I know several of the others by sight but their names escape me.
25 June 2013.

Re FB091
The girl on the left, front row is Shirley Calver.
15 September 2013.

Re H037
The Girl 3rd from the left Back row Looks like Sheila Peate.
27 November 2014.

Re E329
5th from left (seated) is my sister Doreen Roberts nee Smith. 2nd from right is our mother Ida Smith nee Balmforth.
23 December 2014.

Re D612
Rae Pratt
I was a member of Park View Church, in Oct, we will celebrate our Diamond Wedding Anniversary.
On the photograph of the dance club, the man on back right is Walt Hartley.
Middle row right is his wife Doris Hartley, ( they had a garage – I think up Henshaw)
4th lady from left middle row is Ivy Keighley.
Grace Rhodes, Ivy Keighley and Doris Hartley were sisters.
I worked for Harry Rhodes at Springhead Mills Guiseley in the late 50’s
23 June 2019.

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