Railway Station

Railway Station 1906 - 1969 - 2013
Title Railway Station
Date As shown
Location Yeadon
Photo ID R192
Comment 1906 – 1969 – 2013: The photo on the left was taken in 1906 and shows the station and signal box. The line was opened by the Midland Railway Co., in 1894, the first freight service ran on 26th February 1894.

The line was opened to service all the mills along the route with coal and also supply the Yeadon & Guiseley Gas Co., they collected their fuel by horse and cart to transport to the nearby gas works on New Road Side.

During the Yeadon Feast Week special passenger trains known locally as “ghost trains” were run to take the workers for a day at the sea-side, the first was in 1905.

Due to falling demand the station closed in 1966.

The middle view looks up Henshaw Lane and shows the railway bridge being demolished, the contactors were Jennings of Pudsey, with the bridge gone double decker buses were able to run on Henshaw Lane. The buttresses on each side of the lane still remain, the track bed is now a green way or nature trail.

Railway Station 1948

D945 – Railway Station, 1948.

Railway Station – 1948

Setting off on holiday to Blackpool, travelling on a “ghost train ” from Yeadon Station on Henshaw Lane. This was a goods line but occasionally during the feast weeks when all the mills closed special passenger trains would run from Yeadon.

Donated by George Girt.

Station 1948

E914 – Railway Station, 1948.

Railway Station – 1948

A trip to Blackpool on the “ghost train” from the station off Henshaw Lane, it was a spur goods line and passenger trains only operated occasionally at holiday times. On the platform are two women wearing turbans, this method of binding a scarf round the head became popular during WW2 when women working in the factories needed to protect their hair safely. A dog is eager to join in the fun!

Station 1953

AA014 – Railway Station, 1953.

Railway Station – 1953

Steam locomotive (N10-6-2T No. 69430) was brought to Yeadon by the Stephenson Locomotive Society, West Yorkshire Rail Tour.
The platform is crowded with train spotters.

Railway Station 1966

PU092B – Railway Station, 1966.

Railway Station – 1966

An engine shunting a carriage.

Railway Station 1966

PU092A – Railway Station, 1966.

Railway Station – 1966

A steam locomotive on the tracks and the boarded up station building prior to demoltion.

Donated by Barbara Winfield.

Railway Station 1966

PU092C – Railway Station, 1966.

Railway Station – 1966

A locomotive stationery and steaming.

Railway Station 1966

PU092D – Railway Station, 1966.

Railway Station – 1966

The old station building all boarded up and waiting demolition.

Previous Comments:

Double decker buses began operating under the railway bridge in 1959 : Ledgard’s on their Horsforth to Otley routes and West Yorkshire on route 50 (Bradford to Otley). Prior to this, double decker’s had passed under the bridge only on Yeadon Air Display days in the early 1950s.
25 September 2016.

Re AA014
The steam engine in the photo(69430) was built 31/03/1907 to an Ivatt GNR design at Doncaster. Its designation was a 0-6-2T.(The T stood for tank) It was shedded at Copley Hill Leeds(37B) 3 years after this photo was taken it was withdrawn from use and cut up for scrap 31/12/1956.
24 March 2014.

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