Rose Queen

Rose Queen Undated
Title Rose Queen
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID B429
Comment This Rose Queen was Nellie Driver, she is holding a bouquet and a rose bowl.
Rose Queen Undated

B430 – Rose Queen, Undated.

Rose Queen – Undated

Rose Queen Elsie Perkins with several small attendants.

Rose Queen 1933

K619 – Rose Queen, 1933.

Rose Queen – 1933

Marjory Driver, Rose Queen, Yeadon. Marjory was the Rose Queen of Yeadon Carnival.

Rose Queen 1934/35

B426 – Rose Queen 1934/35.

Rose Queen – 1934/35

The Rose Queen in the centre was Doris Brown.
On her left are Freda Marshall, Edna Mokes and Marjorie Luty, it is not clear who is who.
To the right are Edith Pullan, Kitty Thorpe and Elsie Jennings, again the order is unknown.
A small page boy is holding a cushion.

Rose Queen 1945/46

B427 – Rose Queen, 1945/46.

Rose Queen – 1945/46

This girl chosen as Rose Queen was Mary Driver.

Rose Queen 1945/46

B428 – Rose Queen, 1945/46.

Rose Queen – 1945/46

Sat on her throne as Rose Queen is Mary Driver.
A few names are given for her attendants which are not in any order, on the left are  Dorothy Parker, Lily Braithwaite and Mary White.
To the right are Pauline Eastwood and Nancy Driver.
The row of children at the bottom of the image are named in order from left to right:  G Booth,  Edna Lawson,  Peggy Rhodes, Elsie Hudson,  Elsie Wyatt,  Jean Dibb.

Donated by Pearl Allen.

Rose Queen 1946/47

N562 – Rose Queen, 1946/47.

Rose Queen – 1946/47

The 13th Rose Queen for Yeadon Charities Association, Shirly Newton, July 1946 – July 1947.

Donated by Joyce Woods, Nee Eastwood.

Previous Comments:

Re B426
Karen Carrington
In the first photo Marjorie Luty is on the far left…she was my Auntie.
15 January 2021.

Re B426
Dee Hemsley
This must have been about 1934/5. Kitty Thorpe was my mother. I have never seen this photo before, but would cherish a copy. How can I obtain that. Thanks D Hemsley/ Tetley.
15 January 2021.

Many thanks to you Karen and to Dee for the information you have supplied. We will update our records accordingly and also the website photos where necessary.
Dee, please email me at: and I will send you a copy of photo B426 by return.
Kind regards,
Jack Brayshaw.

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