Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs
Title Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs
Date As shown.
Location Rawdon
Photo ID FBA070
Comment 10th North West Leeds Scouts – 1916. On the back row, 3rd from the right is 15 year old Granville Teal. At this time his two older brothers George and Ralph were fighting in France with the British Army. Donated by David Teale.
Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

C041 – Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs, 1926/27.

First Rawdon Guides – 1926/27

Two images of the Guides which were kept in an envelope labelled Guide Hike Snaps, faintly on the reverse is Robert or Robey patrol.
In the photo on the left Renie Long is in the middle of the back row.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

C041A – Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs, 1926/27.

First Rawdon Guides – 1926/27

Renie Long is on the right of the back row in this photograph.
Donor of the image Val Ryan asks, ‘Does anyone know where the little caravan/carriage was kept? I thought maybe it could be in a field behind the church in Back Lane which now has the ‘posh’ name of Layton Avenue.’

Renie loved her time in the Girl Guides with all her friends.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

I300 – Scout and Guide Barbeque – 1963.

Scout and Guide Barbeque – 1963

The barbeque was held in a field behind Cragg Wood Baptist Chapel on Micklefield Lane.
The donor of the image Neil Hardisty calls it ‘Mr Dujardins’s field’ the house on the site was called Kent and had been home to some of the mill owing Thompson family. At the time of the photo it was home fo those with speech and hearing issues, later Fulford Grange private hospital.

On the photo are: ?, Margaret Collins, Margaret Hardisty, Majorie Jones, Mabel Waite, Marion Russell, ? Gladys Emsley, Katie Clark, Helen Russell, Arthur Hardisty and Roy Jones.

The Guide leader being fed sausage by Neil Hardisty’s father is Mary Middlemass.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

J667 – Airedale Cubs, 1964.

Airedale Cubs – 1964

A Cub camp at Sicklinghall, Whitsuntide 1964, the boy in the photo is Graeme Munn, brother of the donor of the image Joyce Wilson.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

I302 – 12th Airedale Cubs, Cragg Baptist – c1964.

12th Airedale Cubs, Cragg Baptist – c1964

Back row: Gladys Emsley and Jeannie Emsley.

Middle row: ? Chris Hastings-Long, ? Prince, ? John North.

Front row: ? Fisher, ? Myers, David Firth, Graham Davis and ?.

Donated by Neil Hardisty.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

R199 – Scouts and Cubs, 1968.

Scouts and Cubs – 1968

Scouts and Cubs ready for a sponsored walk.

Photographer Brayn Waite, donated by his family.

Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs

H077 – Scouts Open Day, 1968.

Scouts Open Day – 1968

Demonstrating their cooking skills at an open day are several Scouts watched by three Cubs.

Previous Comments:

Re C401
Susie Johnson
That’s a tram body in the background, also every chance they were at Robin Hole which is the Leeds county campsite.

Think I lost my last comment! Will try again. Thanks a lot Susie for that info it makes sense it was a tram body and yes they may well have visited Robin Hole although I never knew about that place.
22 January 2015.

Re I302
Middle row next to Chris Hastings-Long is Richard Prince then Michael Robson.
Front row first on left is Brian Fisher.
25 April 2019.

Re R199
Scout troops, Rawdon.
I was a member of the St Johns Henshaw 10th Airedale from 1950 until 1960 or there about – cubs and scouts.
I lived in Canada Crescent, and remember the two Mallinson Brothers who moved from the New Estate Markham Avenue into Canada Crescent by the junction of Canada Drive, backing onto Canada Terrace. Their house had as original occupants the Brown Family 3 boys-1 girl and after the Mallisons the Chew Family – Boy and girl/ dad was Jack a fireman , lived on the ‘BELL’ retained and could often be seen dashing down Quakers Lane on his bike to make the first fire engine crew, out of the Green lane/ New roadside fire station.
My information is about the Mallison Brothers in about 1951/52 they started up the 17th Airedale scout troop, as leaders their ages would be about 23/21.
One of the original scouts was Derrick Lee and Cherrie Lee – Cherrie being the older of the brothers [actually there was Cherrie, Derrick, Brian and a sister- they lived on Markham avenue-Original neighbours of the Malinsons]
The 17th, was started up for the Rawdon boys of the new estate and Upper Rawdon as the only scout troops at the time were the 16 Airedale Queen Street, Yeadon and the 10 Henshaw, Yeadon.
In times gone past Cragg Baptist Church, Rawdon, had a troop – I have no history and was not functioning (somewhere in my mind is the title 4th/5th Airedale).
Mr David Freeman
04 July 2019.

Re H077
Pete Sutcliffe, David Appleyard far right god bless him . He was killed in a car accident . Andrew Legg is third from right . Then is the older Cottle brother . Nick Pinder , his mother was secretary at Rawdon St Peters . Is second from left Simon Leaf ? Is third from left Patrick McCartney ?

Richard Elliott
Nicholas Pinder showing frying pan skills here.

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