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St. Andrew's Scouts c1910
Title St. Andrew’s Scouts
Date c1910
Location Yeadon
Photo ID R154
Comment A group of scouts from St Andrews Church, they are pulling a laden cart. Perhaps off to camp?
St. Andrew's Scouts 1912

K353 – St. Andrew’s Scouts, 1912.

St. Andrew’s Scouts – 1912

Yeadon St. Andrew’s Boy Scouts.

Donated by Elvy Box (nee Harrison), Keith Harrison and Jaqueline Petrie (nee Harrison)

Yaedon Scouts c1915

DD030 – Yeadon Scouts, c1915.

Yeadon Scouts – c1915

A troop of Yeadon Scouts which included Wilf Dobson, noted as being 3rd from the right but not on which row.

St. Andrew's Scouts 1915

FB254 – St. Andrew’s Scouts, 1915.

St. Andrew’s Scouts – 1915

19th North West Leeds, Yeadon St. Andrew’s BPBS (Baden Powell Boy Scouts). The photo of the troop was possibly taken outside St. Andrew’s Vicarage, the grandfather of the donor is on the back row.

Image Donated by Helen Stubbs.

St. Andrew's Scouts 1915

C705 – St. Andrew’s Scouts, 1915.

St. Andrew’s Scouts – 1915

The original photograph of the above FB254, taken by E E Slater, the image has deteriorated through time.

1st New Scarborough Troop Scouts c1915

R146 – 1st New Scarborough Troop, c1915.

1st New Scarborough Troop, Scouts – c1915

These boys were the 1st New Scarborough Troop, out for a hike.

15th North West Leeds Scouts c1915

B352 – 15th North West Leeds Scouts, c1915.

15th North West Leeds Scouts – c1915

15th North West Leeds Baden Powell Scouts, New Scarboro Troop of Park View Chapel.
The location is unknown for this early photo showing the troop in the regulation uniform of khaki shirt, shorts and wide brimmed hat, complete with neckerchief held in place with a woggle and a lanyard.

Boy Scouts c1915

E400 – Boy Scouts, c1915.

Boy Scouts – c1915

This was the New Scarborough Troop.

Donated by Wynne Fox of New Zealand.

Wesleyan Brownies 1924

M031 – Wesleyan Brownies, 1924.

Wesleyan Brownies – 1924

This photo was taken in the grounds of Heatherlee. Brown Owl is Ena Wood.
Second from the right in the middle row is Jessie Lucas.

Airedale Scouts 1940

K198 – Airedale Scouts, 1940.

Airedale Scouts – 1940

The information we have with this photograph is not very clear.
We are not sure which scout troop it is, nor are we clear as to the location.
Our research would say it is the bottom of Sandy Way in Yeadon but facebook suggestions have said Cemetery Road, just by the Albert Inn.

Scouts and Cubs 1940

X232A – Scouts and Cubs, 1940.

Scouts and Cubs – 1940

The following two photographs were donated by B F Chappelow, together with a few names, but in no order or on which image.

John Lewis, John Heald, Phillip Sims. Eric Pullan, Max Watson, Jack Toas, David Goslin, Colin Newton, Jack Marshall, Jim Clark, Rev. G W L Mantin, Frank Blackwood, Dorothy Preston, Brian Chappelow (Donor of Images), Geoff Newby, Rev. H J Wareham, John Chadwick.

Scouts and Cubs 1940

X234 – Scouts and Cubs, 1940.

Scouts and Cubs – 1940

As above.

16th Airedale Scouts 1947

M221 – 16th Airedale Scouts, 1947.

16th Airedale Scouts – 1947

The Scouts were on holiday at Danes Dyke, between Flamborough and Bridlington.

St. John's 10th Airedale Scouts 1948

T251 – St. John’s, 10th Airedale Scouts, 1948.

St. John’s, 10th Airedale Scouts – 1948

Scout group, on the middle row, 3rd from the left and wearing a light coloured shirt is Peter Spencer, brother of Gillian Clark who donated the image.

Previous Comments:

Re K253
jean dean
The boy standing on the right with a bugle hanging from his belt, I believe is J.( Jack ) S, Luty who lived in Club Row, Yeadon.
06 October 2017.

Re X234
I was in the scouts in 1938 when Tommy Dennison was scoutmaster.
25 June 2013.

Re T251
Gerald Long
Back Row 5th. From Left is Albert Tate and 6th. from left is Ben Done.
02 August 2018.

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