Sellars, Family – 1947

Sellars Family 1947

Title Sellars Family
Date 1947
Location Rawdon
Photo ID E428
Comment Val Ryan (nee Hoare) 1952 on the left Val with cat Timpuss, in the background is a car which belonged to Mr Sellars plus a bungalow which was the home of Edith and Norman Freeborn.
Sellars Family 1947

E428A – Sellars Family, 1947.

Sellars Family – 1947

Outside the Hoare family home “High Royd”, sitting on an old milking stool which Val still has are Patricia Sellars, Pauline Sellars and Val, wearing a knitted beret.

Sellars family 1947

E428B – Sellars Family, 1947.

Sellars Family – 1947

1947 – right Val Ryan and Patricia Sellars being sprayed by brother Stuart Sellars on a hot day.

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