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A Group of Performers Undated
Title Group of Performers
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D128
Comment Left to right on the back row are: Eileen Windus, Edith Emsley, Doris Hutchinson, Violet Muschamp, Kate Stocks. Left to right on the front row are: Ivy Eastwood, Lena Emsley, William Moon, Florence Swain, Ivy Smith. ?
Temperance Hall Cast Undated

G091 – Temperance Hall, Cast, Undated.

Temperance Hall Cast – Undated

The cast of a production to be staged at the Temperance Hall.

Temperance Hall Players Undated

T72 – Temperance Hall Players, Undated.

Temperance Hall Players – Undated

Four girls in costume, on the left is Evelyn Graham, next Lena Balmforth, then Lilian Southwell with Wendy Howard on the right.

Exhibition Town Hall 1938

J340 – Exhibition Town Hall, 1938.

Exhibition Town Hall – 1938

An event held in Yeadon Town Hall. Shows a display of electrical goods with the heading “Electrical Distribution Yorkshire.”
The photos had the name Ronald Richardson on them 4.8.38

Exhibition Town Hall 1938

J341 – Exhibition Town Hall, 1938.

Exhibition Town Hall – 1938

Two women with slogans “Where There’s Dirt There’s Danger”.

New Moon 1938

K069 – New Moon, 1938.

New Moon – 1938

The cast of a production of “New Moon”, Harry Teale is 4th from the right.

Donated by Howard German.

Queen Street Chapel Dramatic Society 1949

E271 – Queen Street Chapel Drama Group, 1949.

Queen Street Chapel Drama Group – 1949

Cast of a production called The Strange Case of “Blondie” White.

Image donated by Gerald Long.

Handicraft Exhibition 1950s

C079 – Handicraft Exhibition, 1950s.

Handicraft Exhibition – 1950s

This was held in Yeadon Town Hall.
On the left, the lady on the right of the group is Mrs Irvin, Mrs Lupton sits in front of her.
The lady on the right edge is Mrs Brown with Mrs Blackwell sitting.
A variety of goods are on display, lamps, tablecloths, handbags, cushions and knitted articles.

Show Party 1950s

R228 – Show Party, 1950s.

Show Party – 1950s

Group of boys and girls, a couple wearing fancy dress. Location unknown.
Donated by Melvyn Wray.

Queen Street Bazaar 1954

C129 – Queen Street Chapel Bazaar, 1954.

Queen Street Chapel Bazaar – 1954

Queen Street Chapel, later called St. Marks Methodist Church, this was the opening of a bazaar.
People on the back row were, left to right:
Mavis Battye: Muriel Hardwicke: Sheila Cariss: Olwyn Wilkes: Mary Morris: Cintra Beaumont: Mary Crompton: Hazel Pitblado.
Seated row, left to right: George Beaumont: Sally Blaymires: Alfred Lupton: Rev. Fred Andrews: Jack Wilkes.

Queen Street Players 1955

B350 – Queen Street Chapel Players, 1955.

Queen Street Chapel Players – 1955

Queen Street Methodist Church (St Marks), a group of players preparing to go on stage.

Their names are :

Back Row Left to Right John Stott: Eric Taylor: Marjorie Hardwick: Roger Pratt: Gerald Long

Next Row Left to Right Margaret Hudson: Cyril Hardaker: Catherine Cooper: Gladys Parker: Hilda Clapham: Laura Stranger: Queenie Hardaker.

The lady in the chair is Pat Wood, her make-up is being applied by Alfred Lupton.

Find that Girl 1956

E329 – Find that Girl, 1956.

Find that Girl – 1956

A production named “Find That Girl”, possibly the work of one of the Yeadon Methodist Churches.
From left to right the actors are:
Ruth Thompson, Eileen Hardwick, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Ward, Jean Mawson and Valerie Pennett.
The remaining members of the cast are unknown.

Image donated by Brenda Mawson.

Lecture Hall Show 1956

PU078 – Lecture Hall Show, 1956.

Lecture Hall Show – 1956

A show by children who attended the Sunday School of Queen Street Chapel, lessons were held in the Lecture Hall on the High Street where shows were also produced.

Lecture Hall Show 1956

PU078A – Lecture Hall Show, 1956.

Lecture Hall Show – 1956

Back row left to right:
John Barham, Ken Lee, Alan Merrick, Janet Myers. ?
Next row left to right:
David Andrews, Judith Lee, Gillian Lee, ?
Next row left to right :
Barbara Penny, Valerie Holgate, Patricia Cooke, Jean Vickers.
Next row left to right :
Lynne Gooder, Barry Vine, Elizabeth Rockcliffe, ? Blackwell, Andrew Richardson, Hazel Richardson, Jean Richardson (donor).
Next Row left to right :
Judith Rockcliffe, Doreen Megson, Michael Roo, Barbara Townsend, Jean Farrar, Joyce Eastwood.
Next row left to right:
? Raymond Stranger, Keith Vine, Alan Townsend, ? Ralph Eastwood, ? ? Jeffrey Hudson, ? Linda Norman.

Lecture Hall Concert 1956

M421 – Lecture Hall Concert, 1956.

Lecture Hall Concert – 1956

This photo was donated by Ken Lee who remembers concerts and plays regularly being performed by local amateur groups in the Lecture Hall which was the Sunday School rooms for Queen Street Methodist Chapel.
The children seen here attended the Sunday School and were cajoled to perform, with adults spending time coaching them and making the wonderful costumes.
He reminisces that in this show which he can’t remember the title of he played a snowman who magically is turned into a prince, so becoming a worthy suitor for the princess.
As always, the prince and princess fall in love and live happily ever after!
In conclusion, in true panto fashion, the cast are assembled for grand finale (seen here), after basking in the applause from the audience parents were located in anticipation of a fish and chip or pie and pea supper.
Ken adds that he was a shy lad and is now amazed that he was persuaded to take part and glad he went to school in Otley as his appearance here would have ruined his street cred with his pals!
He apologises to other members of the cast but thinks enough time has passed for him to be able to name them.
Back row: John Barham, Ken Lee, Janet Myers and ?
Just in front of them are: Alan Merrick the jester, Judith Lee, Gillian Lee and David Andrews who was the Vicar’s son and is on the right wearing a hat.
Standing in front of them, left to right names include:
Barry Vine, Michael Roo and Jeffrey Hudson.

Donated by Ken Lee.

Queen Street Chael Players 1957

E355 – Queen Street Chapel Players, 1957.

Queen Street Chapel Players – 1957

A production of “Hobson’s Choice” a 1916 play by Harold Brighouse, it was made into a popular film starring Charles Laughton in 1954. 4th from the left behind the lady with the shawl is AHS President Gerald Long and the lady with the boxes is Cintra Beaumont.

Image donated by Gerald Long.

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Re M421
Janet O’Carroll (nee Myers)
I remember this well. I played the queen. Ken, or anyone else in the photo, I would love to hear from you.
Janet O’Carroll (nee Myers), now living in Wellington, New Zealand
02 February 2018.

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