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St. Andrew's Church Nativity Play c1900s
Title St. Andrew’s Church Nativity Play
Date c1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID E032
Comment Cast of a Nativity play, wearing a fur coat is Jimmy Sandbrook who was one of the church curates. The woman on the left is Ada Lee, the girl on the right is Olive Hobson. Other names listed are: Witham (caretaker of St. Andrew’s): Mr Precious: Walter Slater: Herman Marshall and Duncan Yeadon.
Queen Stree Chapel

B159 – Queen Street Chapel, c1900.

Queen Street Chapel – c1900

Queen Street Chapel amateur dramatic society cast of “Village Wedding”.
This was a popular play performed by many local companies, this production had an exclusively female cast.
The location is the garden of Hopeville House, home of Ernest Ethelbert Slater, Trustee of Queen Street Chapel and keen amateur photographer.
There is a diagonal crease across the middle of the image.

Queen Street Chapel

F132 – Queen Street Chapel, c1900.

Queen Street Chapel – c1900

These people were in the cast of “Village Wedding”, a play performed by members of Queen Street Methodist Chapel.

Wesleyan Methodists

BB019 – Wesleyan Methodists, c1900.

Wesleyan Methodists – c1900

Members of the Yeadon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel are in costume for a play called “Village Wedding”, there is an all female cast.
The location is the garden of Hopeville House.

Editor’s Note: You will observe that B159 above is documented as be performed by Queen Street Methodists and here by the Wesleyan Methodists – which ever, they are both lovely images.

Wesleyan Methodist Bazaar 1907

FBA335 – Wesleyan Methodist Bazaar, 1907.

Wesleyan Methodist Bazaar – 1907

The location is perhaps Yeadon Town Hall, the bazaars were elaborate affairs with entertainment, cafes and goods for sale, they were held over 2 or 3 days.
This table has a backdrop of painted scenery and holds a display of foodstuffs including fancy moulded puddings, cakes and roast birds with tail feathers .
On the right is an assortment of Fry’s chocolate products.

Donated by Isabel Douglas.

Temperance Hall Bazaar 1907

B253 – Temperance Hall Bazaar, 1907.

Temperance Hall Bazaar – 1907

The stage at the Temperance Hall has been set for entertainment at the bazaar.
The bazaar’s were elaborate events lasting several days with goods for sale, music, speakers, refreshments and entertainers.
They were to raise the maximum amount of money for the organisations or churches holding them and were very well attended.

Temperance Hall Bazaar 1908

A115 – Temperance Hall Bazaar, 1908.

Temperance Hall Bazaar – 1908

Interior of the Temperance Hall, this is a fruit and flower stall one of the attractions at a bazaar held in 1908. These bazaars were grand affairs offering stalls, refreshments and entertainment, often over a 2/3 day period.

Starlights Concert Party Undated

R097 – Starlights Concert Party, Undated.

Starlights Concert Party – Undated

Mark Myers is on the left, Fred Myers on the right.
They were members of the Starlights Concert Party.

Queen Street Bazaar 1909

C125 – Queen Street Bazaar, 1909.

Queen Street Bazaar – 1909

This group of young girls dressed in Japanese fashion and holding parasols were part of the entertainment at a bazaar .
The photo was taken outside Queen Street Chapel.

Queen Street Methodist Chapel 1909

F469 – Queen Street Bazaar, 1909.

Queen Street Methodist Chapel – 1909

Children dressed in oriental costume for a performance called “Sunrise Land”.
On the front row, 3rd from the left is Wynne Cooper, niece of Sydney Howard, on her right is Sally Blaymires. The girl 5th left is Edith Flesher then 7th Walsh.

Original image on a glass slide taken by E E Slater, digitally transferred by John Hobson.

Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodists Dramatic Society c1910

B330 – Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodist, c1910.

Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodist Dramatic Society – c1910

A group of players who belonged to the Wesleyan Chapel Dramatic Society, Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodists, The Imperials c1910

B332 – The Imperials, c1910.

Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodists – c1910

A concert party who were members of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Chapel Hill.
A few can be named: the second man from the left is Henry Peel, the last man on the right is Brignall Peel.
The second lady from the left is Patti Peel (Mrs Mawson).

Liberal Club Bazaar 1911

D409 – Liberal Club Bazaar, 1911.

Liberal Club Bazaar – 1911

A bazaar stall packed with goods for sale, marked “Y. M. Stall”.

Liberal Club Bazaar 1911

N402 – Liberal Club Bazaar, 1911.

Liberal Club Bazaar – 1911

Bazaar committee or executive for the Liberals. A large committee was required to organise the bazaars which were elaborate occasions with entertainment, meals and goods for sale, they usually lasted for 2 or 3 days.

Starlights Concert Party 1912

A158 – Starlights Concert Party, 1912.

Starlights Concert Party – 1912

A Yeadon Temperance Hall concert party of 3 men and 3 women. The girl on the right wearing pearls was Dora Preston who had a contralto voice and was well known in the area.

Merry Magnets Concert Party Undated

N90 – Merry Magnets, Undated.

Merry Magnets Concert Party – Undated

The players included Mrs C Mounsey  Madam Eva Yeadon (Mrs Hawarth)  D Metrie  Ben Walmsley.

Madam Eva, Merry Magnets, Undated

N91 – Merry Magnets, Undated.

Merry Magnets Concert Party – Undated

Madam Eva Yeadon (Mrs Hawarth) was one of the “Merry Magnets” concert party players.

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Kath Appleton
My gran is stood on the end of the third row back dressed as a teacher. Her name was Laura Myers/ Wilkinson. Unfortunately she died about three months after giving birth to my dad Derek Wilkinson
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