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Primitive Methodists 1916
Title Primitive Methodists in Costume
Date 1916
Location Yeadon
Photo ID B415
Comment A group of people who attended Yeadon Primitive Methodist Chapel dressed in costume for a show or event. The man in the centre of the back row was Pliny Hudson, the girl 6th from the right was Wilkinson, then 5th from the right Vickers. The next row down, standing, are 4th from the left Lizzie Coates with Mable Coupland on the far right. On the seated row far right is Ethel Vickers. Barbara Coupland is the child seated at the front on the right.
Primitive Methodists Undated

D449 – Primitive Methodists, Undated.

Primitive Methodists – Undated

A group of young people, in the second row, on the left are Maude and Gladdie (Gladstone) Mawson.

Primitive Methodists Undated

E357 – Primitive Methodists, Undated.

Primitive Methodists – Undated

A group of people in costume who belonged to the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
The man in the middle of the back row was Plinney Hudson, one of the women on the left was Ethel Wilkinson.

Wesleyan Concert Party 1923

B345 – Wesleyan Concert Party, 1923.

Wesleyan Concert Party – 1923

A group of people from the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel who performed as a concert party.

They were: Back Row, Left to Right:

Donald Slater, Ena Wood, Eric Myers, Tom Jackson, Edna Stott, George Rhodes.

The 3 girls were, Left to Right: Jennie Myers (nee Hird), Louie Teale, Mary Teale.

Primitive Methodists Undated

E374 – Primitive Methodists, Undated.

Primitive Methodists – Undated

This group were called “The Merry Japs”.
The description given by Brenda Mawson is that the 3rd from front is Lizzie and the 1st on the middle row is Maude Coates, Brenda’s grandmother.

Temperance Hall Cast Undated

G091 – Temperance Hall, Cast, Undated.

Temperance Hall Cast – Undated

The cast of a production to be staged at the Temperance Hall.

St. John's Sunday School, 1927

M143 – St. John’s Sunday School, 1927.

St. John’s Sunday School – 1927

This group of young people were taking part in a production called “Princess Chrysanthemum”.
This was the first time an amateur show  had been put on by the Sunday School after it opened in 1927.
Taking part were Miss Emsley (playing violin?) and Leonard Arundel.

Queen Street Dramatic Society Undated

AA37 – Queen Street Dramatic Society, Undated.

Queen Street Dramatic Society – Undated

These people were members of the Queen Street Dramatic Society, one of the men on the 2nd row from the front is Alfred Lupton.

St. John's Church Concert Party c1930

M144 – St. John’s Church, c1930.

St. John’s Church Concert Party – c1930

The names of some of these people were noted:
Back row, left to right: Frank Airton, ? ? ? Alan Smith, Eric Blackwell, Mr Stead, ? ?
Second row, left to right: Mr Withy, ? ? Kathleen Lee, ? Doris Lepton, Aldryth Rhodes, Kathleen Flesher, ? ? ?
Third row, left to right: Elsie Clayton, Elsie Myers, ? ? ?
Front row, Left to right: ? Joan Blackburn, Dorothy Harrison, Doris Clayton, Vina Jordan, Ena Poole.

Primitive Methodist Concert Party Undated

R163 – Primitive Methodist, Undated.

Primitive Methodist Concert Party – Undated

“Merry Uns” concert party in costume.

The local chapels formed their own drama and music groups which were well supported in the days of home grown entertainment.

Airedale Quartet 1930s

R102 – Airedale Quartet, 1930s.

Airedale Quartet – 1930s

One of the men on the back row was Frank Dainty, the ladies are Elsie Wood and Dora Preston (on the right).

Concert Party 1930

X134 – Concert party, 1930.

Concert Party – 1930

The members of this group attended St. Andrews Church.

Queen Street Drama Group 1930

K485 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1930.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1930

This was the 1st play which the group produced, it was called “Mrs Jennings Necklace” and the cast were from left to right :

Alice Killerby, Rufus Denison, Molly Murgatroyd, Dolly Blackburn, Willie Denison, Donald White (brother-in-law of Sydney Howard), Walter Lupton, Wynne Cooper (niece of Sydney Howard) and Sally Blaymires.

The Legion Players Dance Band Undated

A496 – The Legion Players Dance Band, Undated.

The Legion Players Dance Band – Undated

The Legion Players Dance Band, on stage with a variety of instruments.

Queen Street Drama Group 1930s

J304 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1930s.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1930s

A newspaper article with a photo and names of the group calling themselves the Queen Street Chapel Follies.

This photograph of the Queen Street Chapel Follies at Yeadon, is believed to have been taken during the late 1930s. In the picture are: Back Row: Pauline Eastwood, Eric Gill, Catherine Hobson, Leonard Brown, Mr Eastwood, Dolly Blackburn, Ernest Emsley and Alfred Luton. Second Row: Walter Lupton, Dolly Wright, Lena Shires, Isobel Haste, Leonard Fletcher. Front Row: Annie Poole, Clifford Dibb and Sally Blaymires.

Queen Street Drama Group 1931

K445 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1931.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1931

Cast of “If Four Walls Told”.
On the back row from left to right are:
Tom Denison, Molly Murgatroyd, ? Lee, Lena Wright (nee Shires) and Alfred Lupton.
Front from left to right:
Walter Lupton, Sally Blaymires, Rufus Denison, Wynne Dawson and Alice Blaymires.

Wesleyan Methodist Play 1931/32

F102 – Wesleyan Methodist Play, 1931/32.

Wesleyan Methodist Play – 1931/32

A production of “The Rajah of Rajahpore” given by the Methodist players, a large company in costume are assembled on the stage.

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Re B345
Seated front row on the left is Jennie Myers (nee Herd) who was my Great Aunt (My Grandfather’s sister.) Her parents were Robert & Helen Herd who had moved down from Paisley in 1902. Jennie married Eric Myers in 1932 (?) and very sadly died in 1933 in childbirth. My Grandfather carried her wedding photo in his wallet till his death.
04 May 2013.

Re M144
Lovely again to see Frank Airton, brother to my grandfather Richard, and great uncle Walter.
31 December 2013.

Re K445
Robert Davey
I showed my mother this and she said “Oh. I’ve got that (the 2nd image) as a postcard”.
She dug it out and written on the rear is “QUEEN STREET COOPER”.
That will be Winnie (NOT Wynne) Cooper, my Grandmother!
26 November 2017.

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