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Queen Street Drama Group 1934

Title Queen Street Drama Group
Date 1934
Location Yeadon
Photo ID F200
Comment The cast of a play written by Donald White (brother-in-law of Sydney Howard), it was called “Symphony”. From left to right are : Alfred Lupton, Leslie Walker, Wynne Cooper (niece of Sydney Howard), Rufus Denison, Tom Denison, Sally Blaymires, Molly Murgatroyd, Dolly Blackburn, Dorothy Hustler and Walter Lupton.
Queen Street Drama Group 1934

K456 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1934.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1934

Queen Street Chapel was also called the United Methodist Free Church, this is a photo of the Drama Group in a play called “Lord Richard in the Pantry”.

Standing, from left to right are: Sally Blaymires, Leslie Walker and Rufus Denison. Seated left Catherine Creyke and right Annie Fletcher.

Queen Street Drama Group 1934

K336 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1934.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1934

A production by the chapel amateur dramatic society of “Lord Richard in the Pantry”.

From left to right are: A Lupton, Leonard Brown, Sally Blaymires, Lena Shires, Fred Eastwood, Rufus Dennison and Leslie Walker.

Front seated: Left, Annie Fletcher. Right Catherine Creyke.

The girls back right are not named.

Queen Street Dramatic Group 1936

W424 – Queen Street Drama Group, 1936.

Queen Street Drama Group – 1936

The Queen Street Chapel amateur dramatic group in a Nativity production titled “Amor Christi”.

Temperance Hall Concert Party c1936

X07 – Temperance Hall, Concert Party, c1936.

Temperance Hall, Concert Party – c1936

Cast of a concert party at the Temperance Hall.

Masqueraders, Central Methodist Church 1938

D497 – Masqueraders, Central Methodists, 1938.

Masqueraders Central Methodist Church – 1938

This group of people called themselves the “Masqueraders”, in the middle of the back row are Maude and Gladdie Mawson.

Donated by Brenda Mawson.

Masqueraders, Central Methodist Church 1938

I287 – Masqueraders, Central Methodists, 1938.

Masqueraders Central Methodist Church – 1938

The Primitive Methodist Chapel in Yeadon was renamed Central Methodist Church in 1932. This group were called “The Masqueraders” and were probably members of the church, the boy in the middle of the front row is Norman Alfred Luty. He is the father in law of Angela Luty who donated this image, she told us that Norman is now aged 91 and still alive. (10th February 2015)

A group of peformers Undated

D128 – Group of Performers, Undated.

Group of Performers – Undated

Left to right on the back row are: Eileen Windus, Edith Emsley, Doris Hutchinson, Violet Muschamp, Kate Stocks.
Left to right on the front row are: Ivy Eastwood, Lena Emsley, William Moon, Florence Swain, Ivy Smith. ?

Temperance Hall Players Undated

T72 – Temperance Hall Players, Undated.

Temperance Hall Players – Undated

Four girls in costume, on the left is Evelyn Graham, next Lena Balmforth, then Lilian Southwell with Wendy Howard on the right.

Exhibition Yeadon Town Hall 1938

J340 – Exhibition Town Hall, 1938.

Exhibition Town Hall – 1938

An event held in Yeadon Town Hall. Shows a display of electrical goods with the heading “Electrical Distribution Yorkshire.”
The photos had the name Ronald Richardson on them 4.8.38

Exhibition Yeadon Town Hall 1938

J341 – Exhibition Town Hall, 1938.

Exhibition Town Hall – 1938

Two women with slogans “Where There’s Dirt There’s Danger”.

New Moon 1938

K069 – New Moon, 1938.

New Moon – 1938

The cast of a production of “New Moon”, Harry Teale is 4th from the right.

Donated by Howard German.

Queen Street Chapel 1940

E206 – Queen Street Chapel, 1940.

Queen Street Chapel – 1940

A production of “Lily of Killarney” given in the old Lecture Hall on the High Street.
The actors include Allan Eastwood, Gerald Long and Eric Blackwell.

Donated by Gerald Long.

Queen Street Methodist Dramatic Society 1940

E288 – Queen Street Methodist, 1940.

Queen Street Methodist Drama Society – 1940

The chorus of a production called “Lily of Killarney”.

Image donated by Gerald Long.

Primitive Methodists Undated

E377 – Primitive Methodists, Undated.

Primitive Methodists – Undated

This group of people were members of the Primitive Methodist Church, they are all dressed in Biblical costumes except for a man on the back row.

Queen Street Players c1940s

C126 – Queen Street Players, 1940s.

Queen Street Players – c1940s

A group of actors in a scene from a play, standing with the tray is D Hustler, on her right is Lena Wright.
Walter Lupton is bending to put on a shoe, Sally Blaymires is wearing a hairnet and dressing gown and Alfred Lupton is polishing a shoe.

Queen Street Players 1945

C128 – Queen Street Players, 1945.

Queen Street Players – 1945

A production of “When We Are Married ” by J B Priestley.
The cast were:-
Standing, left to right:  Alfred Lupton, Walter Lupton, Leonard Brown, Olwyn Wilkes, Fred Creyke, Rev, George Bennett, Mary Crompton,  Elsie Blackwell, Arthur Jenkinson, Ernest Emsley.

Seated at the front, left to right:  Sally Blaymires, Lena Wright, Margaret Bennett,  ? Beaumont.

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Re X07
I think the tall man in the middle is Joe Long and the lad at the end front right is Albert Tate which would date it to around 1936.
11 January 2014.

Re I287
The man on the right front is Alfred luty who died recently aged 92, the man behind him is Alan Leech and the man on the left just peeping looks like Derek Norris. The man left front, looks like Alan Maude.
23 March 2016.

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